• Rusty Y.
    02/14/2020 18:06

    Why do these French think they can go into the wilderness and fuk shit up and then when they get their arses killed they cry about it. Bitch stay home and bake a cake or something

  • Anh N.
    01/20/2020 22:10

    may có mỗi muỗi

  • Ro N.
    01/20/2020 05:49

    Quelle prise de risque...!

  • Rubaya R.
    01/19/2020 13:45

    Donn Jalani

  • Conn O.
    01/19/2020 12:16

    He‘s a fucking idiotic piece of shit! How fucking stupid to go in the wildness and then just get pissed off by the animals who are naturally living there?!?! And even gucking peperspray them? Unbelievable.

  • Венци К.
    01/19/2020 08:24

    Frenski pedal

  • Carole D.
    01/18/2020 21:13

    & , deze reist bijna even extreem als jullie maar kent de truc vd PET fles nog niet, vreemd. Op 4:20 wel een goeie tip voor de gerookte zalm 👌🏽

  • Ed A.
    01/18/2020 19:18

    So an "idiot naif" went to the woods unprepared and discovered that he was ignorant. Wow. I am laughing. I went to Alaska and did what he did. Armed with knowledge. Sorry, I don't admire this man or his story. Pfff.

  • Max R.
    01/18/2020 18:09


  • Aruna J.
    01/18/2020 11:52

    He has a companion who's filming everything, so it's not complete solitude. It's great though that he reconnected with Nature

  • Go G.
    01/18/2020 11:50

    Naked and Afraid candidate

  • Neil C.
    01/18/2020 09:49

    A nice....all be it slightly extreme experience, that reminds me we are all part of nature - aware or not

  • Angie L.
    01/18/2020 07:51

    😱 OMG

  • Mikael P.
    01/18/2020 07:32

    Camera batteries??

  • Tanel L.
    01/18/2020 06:25

    wouldn't it be better to just leave the nature the f*ck alone

  • Marc B.
    01/18/2020 03:25

    Dustin Kacz

  • Adam '.
    01/17/2020 22:58

    Into the wild springs to mind

  • Kh H.
    01/17/2020 21:40

    Like Afghanistan...there are rules...follow the rules...message to US Army.🇦🇫

  • Jayne M.
    01/17/2020 21:13

    Adventurous young man 🤗

  • Barry S.
    01/17/2020 19:59

    I don't know how he is still alive....going with no wilderness skills. He underestimated his food supply. Well okey dokey. Just a small detail.