Meet Marjan, Afghanistan's last lion

He was Afghanistan's last lion, and became the symbol of Kabul's sufferings. This is the story of Marjan. 🦁 ⚠️ Warning: the following video includes images and audio some viewers may find upsetting or disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

07/18/2018 10:31 AM


  • Malik M.
    6 hours

    Before you westerners talk about how great and loving you all are look at your own people and lands before you point fingers people having sexual relations with thier pet dogs Karen's drowning thier pet dogs leaving them abandoned setting pitbull on cats shooting animals for sport you call it "HUNTING" I call it animal abuse so before you all go on a saintly one take a long hard look at your own country and its people 1st then talk

  • Magendaran R.
    9 hours

    Do they need a zoo? I couldn't watch poor animal suffering..

  • Jonuz S.
    12 hours

    animals should not be kept in zoos! this is a christian/western invention which is cruel and unsustainable.

  • Angela S.
    12 hours

    Humans are the scourge on this planet!

  • Susanne L.
    13 hours


  • Behnaz G.
    14 hours

    Poor animals haven't a life in such a countries,when they die,it will be a good day for them ,these kind of animals should be free in their areas not in a cage.💔

  • Dami D.
    15 hours


  • Pierre A.
    15 hours

    Dreckiger Abschaum von Menschen 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Snir M.
    16 hours

    People who go to the zoo are sadistic and evil

  • Helen G.
    17 hours


  • Kim P.
    18 hours

    Did the man who bombed the lion die? Karma should really pay his ass back for his cruelty. Plus I agree, with instability starting to happen why create a zoo,, that was completely the cruelest thing your Counrty did to all those poor animals👿🤬🦁

  • ZsaZsa S.
    19 hours

    What horrible people responsible for his suffering and throwing a bomb in his face. I hope all these humans got their karma!!!!!!

  • Donna P.
    19 hours

    Heartbreaking 💔😔😭

  • Thomas S.
    a day

    Only monsters abuse animals.

  • Patrick K.
    a day

    :( grabe hirap ng buhay nila sa lugar nato prone sa giyera.

  • Robin L.
    a day

    I’m in tears reading this story. 😢

  • Dragoslav D.
    a day

    What make a War Not only do animals die, but so do the people.Theat is resul. It is a consequence of the Big Countries wanting to rule poor countries.🤔

  • Lisa P.
    a day

    That is so sad😭

  • Charles C.
    a day

    All the pain and suffering under statism and people care more for lions.😡😒

  • Johnathan D.
    a day


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