• Shirley G.
    10/24/2020 21:36

    he's very handsome

  • Frane R.
    10/22/2020 18:08


  • Dawn N.
    10/22/2020 09:25

    that's how amazed the asia Continent

  • Tonin P.
    10/21/2020 05:23

    It reminded me Trump with his orange face for a minute

  • Miona E.
    10/19/2020 22:39

    It’s terrible that they live in some of the worst countries who are the biggest offenders for kidnapping, selling on the black market, abusing for financial gain, and total disregard for the monkeys rights to live as free animals and well being. They are absolutely beautiful animals. They won’t last long on the Asian continent unless serious measures are taken to protect them.

  • Pam H.
    09/25/2020 17:11

    Wish facebook wod stop putting these post on leave them alone and they be fine

  • Ankita M.
    09/13/2020 20:02

    I was really hoping to they weren't endangered but guess that was too much to ask. We humans don't deserve this planet.

  • Alice D.
    09/12/2020 09:39

    Magnificent little creature! Leave them alone😡💙🐒

  • Duc Q.
    09/12/2020 08:57

    Amazing photos!! I loving him

  • Roy J.
    09/10/2020 05:48

    Magnificent and beautiful monkey

  • Supriti C.
    09/07/2020 19:14

    Good. Now stay away from them as far as possible.

  • Fahtia N.
    09/07/2020 10:17

    dat u?

  • Rohit S.
    09/06/2020 08:38

    Anindita Mondal

  • Charlie C.
    09/05/2020 22:46

    Wow. It has the lips that my girlfriend will die for.

  • Cushla K.
    09/05/2020 22:10

    Super Super Stunning

  • Gautam B.
    09/05/2020 04:24

    Beautiful creature of nature.

  • Drishti C.
    09/04/2020 14:13

    How cute his face is 😍

  • Ana T.
    09/04/2020 12:09

    God was in a painting mood and here we have, a colour monkey 😄

  • Nishath F.
    09/04/2020 11:17


  • Sareeta S.
    09/03/2020 08:19

    What a beautiful creature!

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