More men are embracing makeup

"If you want to wear makeup — do it." With thousands of followers, he's changing minds and inspiring other men to embrace makeup. 💄Special thanks to Octoly and Jo Pinilla.

04/30/2018 1:27 PMupdated: 10/03/2019 5:54 PM
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  • Norgel C.
    05/26/2019 05:54

    Awwwww you make me proud baby

  • Vikki B.
    09/26/2018 11:39

    Wow! Some of these comments just make me want to scream and some of them are just plain rude and disgusting!! Why can't human beings just be nice to one and other?! No one has the right to judge anyone! Whether it's makeup, weight, clothes, shoes what ever! My aim each day is to make just 1 person smile and make a difference in someone's life however big or small that may be. No one is perfect! Just be kind to each other, there is no room in life for negativity!

  • Miguel A.
    05/21/2018 14:43

    Osea en pocas palabras ERES MARICO .....

  • Miguel A.
    05/21/2018 14:42

    Osea en pocas palabras ERES MARICO .....

  • Adelaides C.
    05/21/2018 14:33

    Los hombres nos están quitando todo jjjjjjjjj 😂

  • Jass F.
    05/21/2018 12:44


  • Sily's C.
    05/20/2018 23:17

    arrepientete porque Cristo viene pronto y el te ama no quiere que tu alma se pierda.. =(

  • Juda
    05/19/2018 19:55

    attan hananne

  • Soraida B.
    05/19/2018 19:38

    Llegara un momento en que el ser humano desee ser autentico unico natural ser aceptado sin estos artilugios o disfraces, miramos de adentro afuera o solo de afuera hacia dentro. o no hay nada por verse ya ..tantas coss que nos faltan por resolver, como terribles enfermedades cancer , parasitos virus y el HAMBRE MUNDIAL, LAS GUERRAS... entonces...donde esta nuestra verdadera esencia?

  • Yamileth A.
    05/19/2018 17:07

    ya esto es fin de mundo...

  • Francis S.
    05/19/2018 14:33

    que ridiculo se ve... definitivamente esto ya es inaceptable!!!

  • Carol O.
    05/19/2018 06:51

    very nice

  • Macmod M.
    05/19/2018 05:06

    Messed up mind and soul

  • Cinthia V.
    05/19/2018 01:55

    Q cosa es??????

  • Amine D.
    05/18/2018 23:01

    Îkrā LR 😂😂

  • Gina M.
    05/18/2018 14:51

    This is apparently an older post but it just came up in my feed so.... what I find funny about all these comments is that back in the 80s, hair bands like Poison and Motley Crue and Twisted Sister were huge, men rocked their t-shirts and wanted to be like them, women adored them.... thought they were so sexy and those guys wore more eyeshadow, blush and Aquanet then I ever have to this day and that was OK! A lot of Southerners (Virginia here) are saying they are going to hell and it's so gay and I bet one of those keyboard warriors is rockin a Guns and Roses t-shirt as they type. It's hysterical!

  • Siphax A.
    05/18/2018 14:22

    Fock you mother

  • Mohamd D.
    05/17/2018 16:32

    He have disease we should treat him

  • Segundo F.
    05/17/2018 15:44

    La cagaron es pura mariconada no es tendencia

  • Tempest S.
    05/17/2018 09:19

    Wow, these comments. Toxic gender norms, homophobia, and fragile masculinity, oh my!