Moving to Ghana as a Black American

"Not having to worry about your freedom as a Black person... That is the ultimate goal for me." In 2019, Deijha Gordon uprooted her American life and moved to Ghana. Here's why she did it.

02/21/2021 2:58 PM


  • Abby M.
    08/21/2021 21:02

    actually beautiful

  • Charles P.
    08/18/2021 20:43

    So proud of your leap of faith, my sis! You are leading the way for others to come behind you!

  • Janae M.
    07/28/2021 01:01

    But what about us half breeds I don't feel I belong anywhere. My mom is White and my dad is American African and part India. So where are my roots😓😓😓

  • Taye J.
    07/06/2021 15:49

    Be careful what you wish for

  • MA D.
    06/29/2021 04:56

    I have a friend from Senegal and the minute they say they are going back for vaca I am going with. Heck I might go before they inspiring.

  • Oonu F.
    06/28/2021 01:50

    Listen 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰came to the states as a child, went home recently and I have never being more excited to go home. Home is Sierra Leone but being on that continent, the genuine love

  • Chanel P.
    06/24/2021 16:33


  • Cheryl S.
    06/21/2021 14:19

    AWESOME! May your ancestors continue to guide you and May blessings of peace and prosperity reign on our motherland.

  • Tilahun M.
    06/16/2021 17:36

    Welcome to the Roots.

  • Theodore H.
    06/13/2021 06:07

    China Hong to own it watch

  • Theodore H.
    06/13/2021 06:05

    Lots of them want to come to America

  • Theodore H.
    06/13/2021 06:02

    Not me love America yes

  • Kirk F.
    06/10/2021 13:07

    Omg tell everyone you know !!

  • Ibràhïm P.
    06/09/2021 10:55

    I really really endorse every comments i been getting back from the people who come back home there's know place like home where we belong to where we find peace and love also safe where you can go wherever you want too or wherever you feeling like at anytime you feel like or where nobody talking about your colour where there's know racism where we really no who we are has human I'm so proud to be black and I'm so proud for made in black and also don't you ever forget that being black is a honor . Cause you come from greatness 💖💖💖💕💯👌 🌍

  • Hdd T.
    06/08/2021 23:23

    Good choise sis. Live free rather shoted by the racist police

  • Meriam C.
    06/08/2021 14:43

    More people need to do this.

  • Iyanifa P.
    06/03/2021 09:11


  • Jasmine A.
    06/01/2021 19:53

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story ✊🏿

  • Nanda L.
    06/01/2021 14:47

    i just cried when i said THE YEAR OF RETURN....THEY ARE CALLING US HOME

  • Veronyx P.
    05/31/2021 04:57

    I'm just so happy for her and everyone taking the opportunity! 🥰

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