NGO Sea Shepherd reveals the ocean's "distress call"

Where does this sound come from? World champion freediver Guillaume Néry posted a mysterious video on Twitter. He tells Brut the story behind it.

04/10/2019 6:37 AM


  • Jayce J.
    11/20/2021 16:37

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  • Jane H.
    04/27/2020 07:05


  • Eduardo B.
    11/11/2019 11:45

    Divulgo para que tomemos conhecimento da barbárie praticada nos dias de hoje pelo ser que se julga dono do planeta esquecendo que estará condenado à extinção se prosseguir com as actuais políticas de destruição das outras espécies.

  • Manuel F.
    08/25/2019 10:06

    One day every living being will be wiped out

  • Glenn M.
    08/16/2019 16:35

    Fuckers!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Anaïs S.
    08/03/2019 01:57

    jsp si je te l'ai montré .. sad reality 🙊

  • Samantha D.
    07/15/2019 15:07

    im scared

  • Beatriz K.
    06/17/2019 14:13

    C’est Gross de faire come ça avec les créatures innocent 😭😡

  • Joanne S.
    06/09/2019 21:04

    This is a fabrication made of sounds in the ocean. Lame at best to call it suffering of the ocean. Put sounds together in that magnitude and the sound will be eerie. Only because it is unfamiliar. Life dies. I am an avid ocean lover but I hate people making stuff up....

  • Lorraine M.
    06/09/2019 07:25

    This is the truth and his honesty is refreshing but his message is clear. We have to stop this before we have no sea life, it’s bad enough we’re killing the beautiful animals on the earth but the slaughter of the seas is just horrific. I too have the honour of living by the sea and have never in my life wanted to eat anything from it but I understand it is a food source but surely there must be a better way to obtain it. 😥

  • Naduvattira G.
    06/07/2019 13:25

    Why the innocent animals want to sacrifice their life for our hunger??

  • Paul M.
    06/02/2019 09:49


  • Anthony P.
    06/01/2019 14:52

    if you’re interested in this, then you should check out the documentary The Cove. Very sad.

  • Brian L.
    05/30/2019 15:12

    Today it is translated as a warrior but it means a lot more. If they weren’t being warriors, they were the policemen of the village- the societies. There were many societies under an akicita. Sometimes they were hunters. Sometimes they were policemen. Sometimes they were scouts. They were the ones that went ahead of the people to make sure the path was clear. Then sometimes they were the ones that went to battle. But being a warrior was only a small part of being an akicita. I don’t know if I could explain an akicita. It kind of translates as “looks after them or looks out over them.” That’s what an akicita did

  • Brian L.
    05/30/2019 15:12

    Wood Lake – unusual set of circumstances, an important battle for healing the friendlies. One thing that is not looked at either, maybe a few Dakota do, is if the warriors had not fought, how many people would have been able to escape to Canada or the far places that they ended up? The warriors were defending a great deal at Wood Lake because their families were close. That’s where Mazomani was wounded. You know he’s buried not too far from here. His family was there. He was looking for a peaceful solution as was his brother but he was killed for his efforts. The 14 to 20-some warriors that are buried out there, they were fighting for the lives of all their people – friendly or unfriendly. They fought a battle, thought they could win, probably could have except for unfortunate circumstance. But they would have fought whether or not they had a chance of winning. They were fighting for the existence of a people even if some of the people disagreed with them. A warrior’s life is to fight for the people, protect them, hunt for them, provide whatever, police. So their life ended the same way as it began. They began a life that led to them to be akicita. Their life ended being akicita. Whether or not anybody has respect for the Dakota warriors, and what they fought, has really no bearing from my standpoint because their spirits were probably more pure than anyone else’s in what they were trying to do.

  • Solveig S.
    05/30/2019 07:52


  • Solveig S.
    05/30/2019 07:51

    stand up!!!!!

  • Emil I.
    05/27/2019 20:10

    People must disappear for nex 500 years to leave Mother Earth to recover from so much injuries what we did to

  • Sarah Z.
    05/27/2019 19:44

    , have you seen this? Made me think of something you might feature on EcoFest.

  • William O.
    05/27/2019 10:19

    I was in a waiting room, picked up a Nat Geo magazine. It stated that together, China and Japan take 1.3 billion tonnes of Seafood from the worlds oceans every 365 days. (China 728M approx, Japan 586M approx). This was Sept 2009 issue. How is that sustainable?

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