• Reda R.
    12/30/2018 14:25

    I love you

  • Ali F.
    12/30/2018 13:33


  • حميدو س.
    12/29/2018 06:37


  • السيد ا.
    12/28/2018 12:03

    مساء الورد الفل والياسمين من مشاء

  • David N.
    12/27/2018 15:26

    ur doctor ,so am doctor nice to meet you very good

  • Hocine M.
    12/25/2018 10:14

    Bonjour, j'aimerais bien me marier avec vous, je vous embrasse très fort, et je vous souhaite une vie plein de joie.contactez moi par téléphone personnel : (00214770270788)/au revoir, répondez moi S.V.P?

  • নুর ম.
    12/25/2018 04:39


  • Safer Z.
    12/24/2018 23:36

    Let talk to to learn mor in English language

  • Bilal T.
    12/23/2018 22:53


  • Bilalbilal H.
    12/21/2018 14:07

    يقوله الممرضة يالا يالا

  • Khokan D.
    12/20/2018 07:18

    I respect this job very much some nursees are very well and some are angry and heartless. I request you all to do this job sincerely and politely.

  • Brinis A.
    12/17/2018 18:52

    ?e m1pelp1s la ?75mit Mafamille mesurv8lle

  • Kechnaoui A.
    12/16/2018 09:32


  • محمد ا.
    12/16/2018 08:54


  • Vijay H.
    12/15/2018 02:03

    Why us that they are not well paid Their service is invaluable One realises their dedication when.One is hospitalised Ever smiling and caring for. every. One

  • Yousuf S.
    12/14/2018 18:12

    Nursing job is definitely to be appreciated

  • John B.
    12/13/2018 15:30

    Nursing is love and affection job ,love in christ.

  • John B.
    12/13/2018 15:25

    Nurses ar worldwide number one in nursing, who neglected nursing, till them to read ad out Florencep niteglance, they are the best in social workers.

  • محمد ا.
    12/04/2018 17:51

    This job work Good

  • Vijay H.
    12/03/2018 01:02

    What you expressed is absolute truth

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