• Murat A.
    06/28/2018 10:44

    Those suspect should be put to sleep regardless! They have no sympathy for living anything so they shall not live too!

  • Daiva P.
    06/28/2018 10:48


  • James B.
    06/28/2018 10:56

    Don't fine them. Shoot them!

  • Patricia V.
    06/28/2018 11:13

    If you don t actually stop the people doing these horrors you are making it worse. You take their stuff and they go back looking for more so you make them kill more animals.

  • Muhammed J.
    06/28/2018 11:22

    Some people still think that killing animals ,is not change anything at the environment!

  • Rayane '.
    06/28/2018 11:24

    It's much bigger than that

  • Daniel T.
    06/28/2018 11:33

    It’s only the rich that can afford this type of shit. It’s the wealthy that grow and feed this industry

  • Trinity C.
    06/28/2018 11:36

    This broke my heart

  • Michelle F.
    06/28/2018 11:40

    What is wrong with people ,I have NEVER had the NEED to kill an animal so that I could Look at its skin????So So so So sick

  • Hector F.
    06/28/2018 11:43


  • Dollie C.
    06/28/2018 11:44

    So so cruel.

  • Quarneti Z.
    06/28/2018 12:03

    Thank you for saving them all..

  • Maxell T.
    06/28/2018 12:32

    This is why human population boom needs to pause

  • Matthew B.
    06/28/2018 12:42

    T hnank you 333 Shamar 25386ish r4 4r bathrooms bathrooms are u 4

  • Troy W.
    06/28/2018 12:53

    If idiot people would quit doing this, thing will change, they think having and eating exotic animals makes them better. Rhino horn, I'll sell my toe and finger nail clipping to them, it's the same thing.

  • Richard S.
    06/28/2018 13:03

    Can only pray for these traffickers that theh stop their evil ways for this is not needed. People need to stop wearing furs as well for the farms that are used in that trade are barbaric as well.

  • Richard S.
    06/28/2018 13:07

    If they caught and confiscated this then imagine how much is getting by them for we know they cant or never get it all. Damm 😢😢

  • Anne F.
    06/28/2018 14:23

    This is not good. Can you catch the people who are doing this, each animal has a right to live feel and safe.

  • Sampriti D.
    06/28/2018 14:42

    Sounds like a picnic party gone bad for #Trump This would make him bawl like a baby and offer to buy all this n ship it into the US. Next up.. he's legalising bear baiting and slavery.

  • Shaun'Ta S.
    06/28/2018 15:18

    I will always believe poachers deserve the death penalty. They can be imprisoned, but they will go back to poaching when they get out. Doesn't matter if they did the deed or are selling the goods. Exploiting mother nature like that is wrong.