Piercing Expert Talks About Infant's Ear Piercings

To pierce or not to pierce? This professional has A LOT to say about piercing children's ears. 👶👂

04/08/2019 2:58 PMupdated: 08/07/2020 12:13 PM


  • Ema L.
    07/27/2020 03:19

    In my country the baby's ear is numbed with ice then pierced quickly many have been done this way never had any cases whereby the piercing got infected and being uneven that much.

  • Tori R.
    07/20/2020 21:53

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  • Candace C.
    01/09/2020 15:15

    Ewe. I wouldn't take his word for anything.

  • Steve Y.
    09/21/2019 11:17

    Professional weirdo gives basic parenting advice.

  • Craig D.
    09/21/2019 09:55

    Matthew Krebs 🤔

  • Ragi S.
    06/18/2019 10:13

    Jesus love you please change your life

  • Tapan S.
    06/17/2019 16:57

    I was Peirce before you were born boy...visit India Manipur..

  • Jo R.
    06/16/2019 14:59


  • Elizabeth B.
    06/16/2019 00:06


  • Michelle D.
    06/12/2019 13:42

    Totally agree! Love love love our piercer Matt Sanders!!

  • Benji R.
    06/11/2019 13:01


  • Aldrin R.
    06/11/2019 06:07

    look at that piercings

  • Denisse M.
    06/10/2019 22:36

    In Mexico, moms usually bring tiny little gold earrings when they're going to give birth so that when the baby girl is out a nurse can pierce her ears and and I've never heard of infected earlobes cause of the piercing, but hey, to each their own.

  • Snape B.
    06/08/2019 01:58

    jusq.. pede nmnnn kmi nga bby palang binutasan na sa tenga e

  • Girin B.
    06/06/2019 05:32

    Congrats bro... Growing your horns

  • Kenny P.
    05/31/2019 11:47

    So in other words.... don’t waste money at Clair’s at the mall wait till they’re of age to go to a professional like him so the could make the money.

  • Jessica V.
    05/31/2019 04:32

    I feel like toddlers would touch their ears more than new borns... it’s really not that big of a deal ... meh, to each their own

  • Maia C.
    05/23/2019 14:42

    Every individual is different. My niece got hers infected for some reason after a few months regardless that she wasn't touching it. And NO, you moronic folks don't need to mention his physical body just to prove a point. GROW UP.

  • Tierra A.
    04/29/2019 15:24

    this is why I don’t want braelyn’s ears pierced

  • Fer N.
    04/24/2019 03:50


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