• James N.
    09/24/2018 12:49

    Make them out of hemp.

  • Barbara J.
    07/31/2018 15:06

    What was wrong with the paper straws that everyone used so many years ago? How do you clean those metal and glass straws? Plastic is not the way to go if it can't be recycled. There's an island of plastic bottles. Plastic producers should be fined to the max...!!! Paper decomposes quickly. And why can't all plastics be recycled. If it can't be recycled, it shouldn't be legal to be produced.

  • Diane G.
    07/28/2018 07:29

    ‘Plastic straws are a relatively tiny percentage of ocean plastics. Having worked for turtle conservation centers from Ceylon to the Maldives, and being an island person from indigenous cultures where our ways of living are inextricably linked to the environment that surrounds us, I’ve seen firsthand the devastation of plastics on our waters and ocean wildlife. But of all the ocean plastics that washed ashore every day, rarely were any plastic straws. Over 46% of ocean plastics are from fishing nets and gear that are disposed of or left in the ocean. But are we willing to give up on keto salmon diets or our fishing industries, or demand more stringent practices for fisheries, to end the devastation these cause to ocean wildlife?’ https://theestablishment.co/straw-ban-ableism/

  • Ali E.
    07/28/2018 04:37

    Fucking hate this vid of them yanking the straw out. Hurts my heart

  • Angel C.
    07/27/2018 16:08


  • Cestial C.
    07/27/2018 04:14

    Seems like America does the majority of damage every time

  • Lucia P.
    07/26/2018 20:03

    If you can’t reuse it, refuse it!!! :)

  • Jeanette C.
    07/26/2018 18:30

    Gina wen are you going to get chickens ,and little farmxx

  • Madeleine B.
    07/26/2018 07:53

    The 4 R: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 😉

  • Cristell S.
    07/26/2018 03:41


  • K K.
    07/26/2018 03:22


  • Ed F.
    07/25/2018 23:09

    the Tom Felton bit 🤣

  • Maydel T.
    07/25/2018 21:27

    Darren Dower-Trindall

  • Jacqueline S.
    07/25/2018 19:41

    Corrine Burnett

  • Anja S.
    07/25/2018 19:24


  • Gina E.
    07/25/2018 19:21


  • Jazzi B.
    07/25/2018 19:18

    Use Maccaronis

  • Megan R.
    07/25/2018 19:17

    I'm trying to talk people into changing. I'm seeing changes hopefully for the better.

  • Dzmitry N.
    07/25/2018 19:03

    Paper straw + Plastic -

  • Paulina J.
    07/25/2018 17:44

    detta är varför jag plockar skräp