• Cynthia B.
    07/25/2018 10:53

    Nehna wen w henneh wen:p Chou badna cheghel ta nsit heik:(

  • Cameron C.
    07/25/2018 11:11

    Use only in medical situations, hospitals for example. Otherwise outlaw them

  • Vidhi J.
    07/25/2018 11:15

    If kept the shore tidy none of these could have happen but one irresponsibility or wanted to try something different or for not feel exhausted while sipping with plastic esp in children’s or weak people ...this broad and pasta straws are introduced ...to increase price ..

  • Chaz N.
    07/25/2018 11:16

    Jo Jo x

  • Жоро И.
    07/25/2018 11:18

    it is look like a wood stick not a straw

  • Ännädäy L.
    07/25/2018 11:22

    Im wondering why in the world the companies in charge of disposing our garbage think its okay to just dump the garbage in the ocean or burying the garbage under dirt? After all the garbage commercials say give a hoot don't pollute narrative and about not littering and getting fined when you do get caught littering, these asshats wanna and do dump the garbage in the ocean. That is what you call irony and hypocrisy at its finest. What ever happened to disposing the garbage properly and demanding companies to make things more evironmentally friendly when it comes to leaving marks on the earth because like we are people and care about our earth and other living things?

  • Bree R.
    07/25/2018 11:32

    if Draco Malfoy can do it, so you can you! 😂❤️

  • Diane G.
    07/25/2018 11:38

    Straws Aren't the Real Problem. Fishing Nets Account for 46 Percent of All Ocean Plastic.

  • Brittany L.
    07/25/2018 12:07

    Plastic straws should be available for those who need them though. They shouldn't be banned outright.

  • Laura W.
    07/25/2018 12:16


  • Cecily W.
    07/25/2018 12:30

    this was the video I was talking about 😢

  • Laura C.
    07/25/2018 12:31

    para tu leche con pajita 😡

  • Fil G.
    07/25/2018 13:29

    How About banning strash people that trow everything on the ground,ocean.

  • Noémie L.
    07/25/2018 14:02


  • Lorrie G.
    07/25/2018 14:10

    Baby steps! It's great that companies are going back to paper straws...

  • Mary-France R.
    07/25/2018 14:30


  • Sam N.
    07/25/2018 14:50


  • Eryk S.
    07/25/2018 15:21

    The keg, where i Work, and All keg locations, have switched to paper straws:) also flushless urinals

  • Tamara W.
    07/25/2018 15:28

    That's a good idea, and it's good to see that different countries are fighting against the problem "pollution" 😊 but please try to overthink the whole plastic problem... 😥

  • State F.
    07/25/2018 15:40

    , will you use plastic straw anymore?