Pre-#MeToo movements against sexual violence

Long before #MeToo, these campaigns led by women shed light on the global sexual assault epidemic.

These campaigns against gender-based violence pre- #MeToo

In Latin America, South Africa and India, the #MeToo wave was not expected to report harassment, assault and sexual crimes. Everyone is aware of the #MeToo movement, a collection of complaints of harassment, assault and sexual crimes against women. It started in 2017, after the first revelations about the actions of Harvey Weinstein. But by 2009, similar initiatives had already started to see the light of day. Here are several.

The “hooks” of Brazil

From 2015 onwards, we began to see the emergence in Latin America of what are called “swindles”, public campaigns to denounce gender violence. It all started in Brazil, with the hashtag # MeuPrimeiroAsséido, "my first harassment".

Think Olga, an NGO that defends women's rights, launched an online campaign after a 12-year-old child who participated in MasterChef Junior received abusive tweets inciting child pornography and comparing her to pornographic actresses. Thousands of women and girls then shared their stories of harassment and assault, using the hashtag as a sign of solidarity. It was eventually translated into Spanish and spread throughout Latin America.

EndRapeCulture in South Africa

Launched by female students, the campaign denounced the culture of rape within universities. Sexual assailants and criminals who have never been punished have been singled out. #EndRapeCulture has forced universities across the country to appoint task forces to tackle sexual violence on campus.

PinkChaddi in India

The main objective of #PinkChaddi was to fight the morality police and respond to gender violence. It is considered a Gandhian way of protesting against the repressive right wing, masculinist nationalist ideology of the Sri Ram Sena (henceforth referred to as SRS) by dispatching as close to 4000 titular item, that is pink chaddis (underwear) to their head office.


01/08/2020 4:57 PM


  • Richard L.
    02/29/2020 05:22

    Hope no black women on this foolishness they hundred of black that missing and kill no trying find what happened don't see in news dont see me to. staying any thing

  • Allan M.
    02/21/2020 23:08

    If a woman is sexually harassed or raped, she should get a rape kit test done, get a lawyer and make sure that she has credible evidence to present and not just verbal allegations alone because, unethical women can use accusations as revenge, as a way of creating a payday or as a way of destroying a man's reputation and character. We all want sexual predators to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law but, we should all want fairness, truth and justice to prevail and not trial by popular demand and contrived hysteria.

  • Jes E.
    02/21/2020 09:55

    now the flip side, to play devils advocate- what should the punishment be for women (or men) who LIE about an assault. Because it happens all the time and it ruins lives with one accusation

  • Ken S.
    02/20/2020 14:38

    Concealed carry laws, and a few guys with bloody testicles would help

  • Maria O.
    02/20/2020 10:40

    Wake up this is for ever time.

  • Norma M.
    02/17/2020 20:23

    Society views on rape has to change. Men have No RIGHT To Touch Any Women when she TELLS a MAN. NO means NO. No Unwanted Touching. RESPECT A Woman Body. NO Touching That Is IT. You men keep your hands to yourself.

  • Rose J.
    02/16/2020 22:19

    White face not cool, disrespectful

  • Johnjairo R.
    02/15/2020 19:17


  • Wanda V.
    02/13/2020 21:22


  • Grayson R.
    02/09/2020 19:35


  • Ramona D.
    02/08/2020 07:54


  • Anna S.
    02/08/2020 05:36

    my laud 🤦🏽‍♀️ 🙏🏾

  • Cecilia R.
    02/07/2020 20:29

    This is sick to control divicion with idiotic garbage.

  • Cecilia R.
    02/07/2020 20:28


  • Damien D.
    02/06/2020 13:11

    I'm tired of the false rape accusation culture. Let's do something about that. Innocent men in jail for doing NOTHING wrong, but females who have committed crimes (filing false police reports, committing purgery, tampering with evidence, etc.) get protected (rape shield laws) and allowed to live free occurs much more than actual rape.

  • Marie W.
    02/06/2020 03:17

    I know I women it happened to - a doctor was the culprit fear kept her from saying something, it's awful

  • Nicholas A.
    02/05/2020 21:34

    Idgaf in my opinion any chomo(Child molester), or any man that rapes women should be killed on the spot. They have a illness that the only cure for it is death.

  • Bill N.
    02/05/2020 14:32

    Solidarity with all the women and girls living under the constant threat of assault. It’s a toxic masculinity culture of violence that includes rape, guns, generally accepted assault, warmongering and more. It’s no accident that rape is most common in the military where violent toxic male culture is celebrated, men are incited to brutal extremes and protected by authorities for their most horrifying actions: assault, torture, rape, murder… It’s celebrated too by the predatory rich and politically powerful who rape defenseless young girls with impunity. The POTUS is one of these, demonstrating how pervasive and accepted the culture of White male privilege and violence have become. The culture must change if women are to be emancipated and empowered at last. Weak males will always feel threatened by strong women. They are ignorant immature children. Women are finding their power and their voices. Real men will support them in every way.

  • Brian F.
    02/04/2020 04:47

    WTF is this hateful ignorant bullsh!t doing popping up on my timeline!?!

  • Ismah T.
    02/03/2020 17:52

    White face!!!!!!!!!! That's racist!!!!!!!!

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