Pre-#MeToo movements against sexual violence

Long before #MeToo, these campaigns led by women shed light on the global sexual assault epidemic.

These campaigns against gender-based violence pre- #MeToo

In Latin America, South Africa and India, the #MeToo wave was not expected to report harassment, assault and sexual crimes. Everyone is aware of the #MeToo movement, a collection of complaints of harassment, assault and sexual crimes against women. It started in 2017, after the first revelations about the actions of Harvey Weinstein. But by 2009, similar initiatives had already started to see the light of day. Here are several.

The “hooks” of Brazil

From 2015 onwards, we began to see the emergence in Latin America of what are called “swindles”, public campaigns to denounce gender violence. It all started in Brazil, with the hashtag # MeuPrimeiroAsséido, "my first harassment".

Think Olga, an NGO that defends women's rights, launched an online campaign after a 12-year-old child who participated in MasterChef Junior received abusive tweets inciting child pornography and comparing her to pornographic actresses. Thousands of women and girls then shared their stories of harassment and assault, using the hashtag as a sign of solidarity. It was eventually translated into Spanish and spread throughout Latin America.

EndRapeCulture in South Africa

Launched by female students, the campaign denounced the culture of rape within universities. Sexual assailants and criminals who have never been punished have been singled out. #EndRapeCulture has forced universities across the country to appoint task forces to tackle sexual violence on campus.

PinkChaddi in India

The main objective of #PinkChaddi was to fight the morality police and respond to gender violence. It is considered a Gandhian way of protesting against the repressive right wing, masculinist nationalist ideology of the Sri Ram Sena (henceforth referred to as SRS) by dispatching as close to 4000 titular item, that is pink chaddis (underwear) to their head office.


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  • Candy W.
    a day

    But let’s overlook all the male victims because “ women don’t have the capacity to rape “ right ?

  • Irene N.
    3 days

    In the early 1980s, a women's group at U of Michigan drew a chalk body outline everywhere on campus a rape had been reported the previous year (not sure that was the precise time interval) & there were "Take Back the Night" rallies.

  • Casey J.
    3 days

    Carry a gun instead of this. You think chanting makes a difference?

  • Delling D.
    4 days

    Women need to fight back ..kill your attackers raise better children. Kill your husbands if necessary

  • Angel P.
    4 days

    It isn't limited to womwn and girls in general. Men and boys also have been bullied and harassed, even by their own gender. Another thing, we have to stop judging others by their clothes and put an end to the restrictive cultures that kill curiosity and and bring more rights to freedom of expression and let people be themselves.

  • Jody S.
    4 days

    Yea wayyyy ahead of you on the 6yr old bit 😕

  • David F.
    5 days

    Rape can happen in America as well sometimes by a group or one man and it needs to be stopped how long will be before so many women are maimed or killed before we recognize it as true EVIL

  • Ernesto M.
    5 days

    El machismo herencia cultural y religiosa es el problema

  • Kat T.
    6 days

    Ok but you cant get harassed online if you log off..js

  • Donald W.
    6 days

    Why do we not adress Biden on his unwanted touching of people's children?!

  • Levi J.
    6 days

    Well good news... All these people can stop worrying, because rape culture doesn't exist in America. I mean no matter how much islam wants in, we're constantly being vigil and stopping them wherever we can.

  • Tina L.
    7 days

    It's Is an epidemic. And IT must STOP.

  • Dienall K.
    01/20/2020 17:47

    Y'all hoes shut up

  • Edel P.
    01/19/2020 09:19

    So we can't mess with the hoes now? Jeez the fun is going right out of life!!

  • Michelle B.
    01/19/2020 00:18

    End rape culture! Yes. Let's not expect the cannibal eat with a fork and spoon. Force them to stop being cannibals!

  • Jeffrye G.
    01/18/2020 21:04

    Imagine having to carry a weapon, mace, or anything on you literally anywhere you go because you never know what's going to happen and then men like Korey Cress act like it's not a big deal

  • Christy A.
    01/15/2020 18:54 a culture...? Seems more like an evil to me.

  • Graciela B.
    01/13/2020 18:28

    Stop sexual harassment from both sides because when a man does she's a victim but a joke when is a lady and if the man rejected he's a gay...

  • Korey C.
    01/10/2020 02:06

    Rape culture huh? You're a bunch of idiots

  • Candace B.
    01/08/2020 20:59

    Yes it needs to stop!