• Jessie C.
    09/14/2017 22:48

    Have you ever wondered how these protesters organize all over the world to protest an American president or conservative. Globalist and money. Follow the money. These people are evil....

  • Christina H.
    09/14/2017 17:40


  • Michael M.
    09/13/2017 19:02

    thank you for not accepting America's hate. I am embarrassed to me an American right now.

  • Lawrence E.
    09/13/2017 17:29

    lol isn't there a Provence in China where they don't have toilet paper? Lol guess what, America doesn't give two flips about what some Stinky butt Chinese think of our POTUS! Stfu and go make our phones 📱lol SLAVES to the free market Lololol

  • Justin M.
    09/13/2017 17:04

    China is notoriously racist soooo

  • Micheal D.
    09/13/2017 16:41

    stay woke lil homie

  • David K.
    09/13/2017 16:09

    It brings up a rather interesting discussion on a country's image and whether or not a country should care what their reputation on the world stage is. Whether you agree or not, this is how a lot of countries view both our President and his subordinates. And that does say something about how they conduct themselves in the public eye. There are multiple news outlets both conservative and liberal, both local and international that have been covering the Trump administration since it began and so the rest of the world has had plenty of sources to draw their opinions from. So how should the administration proceed?

  • Robert S.
    09/13/2017 15:42

    Soldiery comrades keep up the fight the world is Listening

  • James S.
    09/13/2017 15:22

    Julio C. Castro their are like 30 or 40 people protesting lol.

  • June H.
    09/13/2017 15:17

    Smart people

  • Troy D.
    09/13/2017 15:16

    Haha says a country who preserves the body of the sadistic Mao, oh the irony.

  • Joseph U.
    09/13/2017 15:02

    What a f...g morons shut the F up. Go to work instead low lives.

  • Omar A.
    09/13/2017 14:55

    I guess anyone can be a Nazi nowadays.

  • Philip L.
    09/13/2017 14:21

    China = Communist. They're upset because Trump is having none of their one-sided trade deals.

  • Josh H.
    09/13/2017 14:01

    An upstanding government if ever there was one. Lol. $10 says a bunch of 5 year olds built those signs all week for 32 cents and no bathroom breaks

  • Braulio B.
    09/13/2017 13:02

    China censors there media, meanwhile they are protesting trump as if it's a bigger issue

  • Jeff R.
    09/13/2017 11:51

    你好叻!!! 顶硬上!!!

  • Red M.
    09/13/2017 11:09

    today i learned hong kong is woke

  • Sean M.
    09/13/2017 10:45

    Well done guys.

  • Christian N.
    09/13/2017 10:00

    I mean yeah, send a capitalist to a communist country and that's what happens.

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