Rare footage of Brazil tribe

They live in total isolation in the Amazon rainforest and have remained uncontacted, but this indigenous people is one of the most threatened tribe in the world. Here is a rare footage of the Awá tribe.

07/24/2019 3:46 PM


  • Wala N.
    08/23/2019 12:14

    They gon be in green inferno

  • Gilson D.
    08/07/2019 17:43

    Estas bestias solo destruyen vidas inocentes el monstruo blanco es la peor especie q no deberia existir en este mundo los indigenas son personas buenas sagradas q son hijos del sol y luna q aman y cuidan el planeta no hacen daño en cambio los blancos son las vergüenzas del planeta son unos malditos cáncer mortal asesinos y racistas

  • Ravi J.
    08/07/2019 17:24

    se é verdade q o perigo pr eles ... cd e governo? o q o governo tá fzndo?

  • JB M.
    08/03/2019 10:30


  • Jason M.
    08/01/2019 03:23

    Nice haircut tho

  • Ruben M.
    07/31/2019 20:56

    🤔..Fake "uncontacted" Aiwá. 🤔 Fake video. Uncontacted tribes do not use metal machetes and has no haircuts. His type is a mix of negro and white man, far from the amazonians...🤔

  • Lotfi L.
    07/31/2019 16:05


  • Hamza M.
    07/31/2019 12:13

    Last place in earth where humans lives as they should be ..folks!!? Let them live there life in peace .

  • Tomas T.
    07/31/2019 05:13

    This reminds of the Tasaday in South Cotabato. Their discovery turned out to be a hoax.

  • Tomas T.
    07/31/2019 05:11

    Why does his hair look like it has been properly trimmed?

  • Sumon B.
    07/30/2019 14:39

    আস্তে আস্তে সব শেষ হয়ে যাবে

  • Marwa R.
    07/30/2019 06:32

    fucking leave them alone

  • Karim A.
    07/29/2019 22:44

    اتمنى لهم السلام والحب بين الجميع

  • ឡេង គ.
    07/29/2019 19:31


  • Muhammed A.
    07/29/2019 17:27

    Isolated? Yes. Uncontacted? No.

  • Seon C.
    07/29/2019 01:44

    Must b threaten if yall spying on them.. How much years they live there... Now yall find them they threatened????

  • Luchie S.
    07/29/2019 00:16

    leave them alone! they know how to take care of themselves.

  • Reggy I.
    07/28/2019 15:00

    And society will approve them as poor people🤔

  • Randy F.
    07/28/2019 12:41

    He looks like a modern man

  • Cristian V.
    07/28/2019 01:51

    Yo pienso que las grandes potencias deberían actuar sobre la tala indiscriminada en Brasil es el pulmón más importante en toda la tierra y es demasiado grande para que el gobierno lo pueda proteger

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