Risks of floods are on the rise around the world

Could this kind of footage become more common with climate change? This is one of the predictions made by IPCC experts.

12/03/2019 5:28 PM
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  • Oliver F.
    4 days

    Cool music picture combination.

  • Mehbooba J.
    4 days

    You are right. Climate change will ruined whole the world. In future we must do about it.

  • Phoenix T.
    4 days


  • David H.
    6 days

    don't worry puny mortals, you will starve to death within following 20 years because nobody learnt from last fiasco just 500 years ago...climate change is your last problem ;-)

  • Jamal A.
    6 days

    Does décisions makers, live here in the world?

  • Hector V.
    7 days

    Mother Earth is warning us to take drastic measures to counter climate change right now.

  • Ian R.
    7 days

    World is changing Earth is cleaning itself Human with stain heart is the responsible for the change of the earth for the worse

  • Kevin K.
    7 days

    Mud streams dont happen more cos it rains more it happens more cos they keep cutting treed makes good money for our european governments , basicly cos there is no trees there is nothing to hold back the ground when it rains hard,besides heavy rains is nothing new

  • Becky K.
    7 days

    Climates been changing since time began.get over it

  • Bernadine T.
    7 days

    It's called nature. Stop the propaganda already.

  • Nancy D.
    7 days

    Respect Nature

  • Keith T.
    7 days

    So excited!

  • Louis M.
    7 days

    Wow what next

  • Carol H.
    7 days

    How about showing footage of flooding from years ago? They’re not a new phenomenon !

  • Joseph P.
    7 days


  • Ne R.
    7 days

    This is very true.. yes this is written &nobody can stop but as human we can do something these are human errorsss.

  • Stefano C.
    7 days

    Where do u all think the melted ice is going ?

  • Cecilia P.
    7 days

    Alarming and scary

  • Maya M.
    7 days

    So climate change gas been happening for centuries of I'm right so nothing new right now...floods - it happened before ( few cities are under the sea ), melting ice - ice age, hmmm...seriously people, you want to change anything then better grow more trees rather than cutting them

  • John G.
    7 days

    Flash floods tend to be down to trees removed and hard areas as their replacement, not really a issue.