Rob Greenfield and the art of simple living

Could you live without deodorant, a bank account, or a cellphone? Rob Greenfield talks to Brut about the 5 things he's learned to live without.

08/02/2020 4:58 PM


  • Deborah T.
    08/28/2020 01:58

    I think you are wonderful and I also have reduced my “stuff” and have realized that it’s just stuff. A simpler life is definitely more freeing! Thank you for the inspiration you give to me and I’m sure to others! ❤️

  • Vast M.
    08/26/2020 01:14

    I smell cheap!!!

  • Lala Z.
    08/24/2020 22:39

    etin un abn card??

  • Alexandra M.
    08/24/2020 20:23

    Eww u smell lol 😂

  • Sandy M.
    08/09/2020 14:09

    You do you guy, but I doubt those people you generously hugged appreciated your stance on the necessity of deodorant. I also think it's not your best move saying how much cash you have and that you keep it in your backpack. I hope one of your 50 items is mace.

  • Desiree v.
    08/03/2020 22:37


  • Jeremiah T.
    08/03/2020 13:21

    All for you doing you. However, I don’t wear deodorant to “feel sexy”, I wear it out of respect for people with noses around me.

  • Leishi S.
    08/03/2020 04:57

    God bless you bro

  • Dhanapal S.
    08/03/2020 03:27

    Phew... 5 monkeys eat 25 bananas..that means one monkey gets 5 bananas... So what about the other 75 bananas ... So who keeps them...

  • Spike J.
    08/03/2020 03:07

    but you’ll use the piss out of a cell phone and editing software ¿¿¿¿

  • Veronica M.
    08/02/2020 17:05

    I haven't used deodorant in years, and I always smell like ginger cookies...