Santa immune to COVID, still comin' to town

Santa Claus is coming to town ... even in 2020. A World Health Organization (WHO) official had a special message for children worrying about his health. 🎅

12/15/2020 1:23 PM


  • Rahul G.
    3 days

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  • Karen N.
    12/18/2020 09:59

    This is the Gestapo speaking, you must obey our commands, children should never have to worry about such BS....

  • Griffon G.
    12/16/2020 11:00

    Who needs a foreign santa when we are creating one in India? Our PeeEm

  • Liz F.
    12/16/2020 05:51

    Excellent instructions

  • Melson R.
    12/16/2020 02:02


  • Rajiv T.
    12/15/2020 19:08

    There is nothing called Santa Claus 😆😁😜

  • Denzil M.
    12/15/2020 18:44

    Santa get everyone the vaccine

  • Sandeep D.
    12/15/2020 17:48

    Ha yahi sab karlo tum .... China ke against toh tumse kuch bola nhi jaata..

  • Neha K.
    12/15/2020 17:43

    So adorable msg ❀

  • Keshvji .
    12/15/2020 17:30

    World Hiding Organisation

  • Pritiman N.
    12/15/2020 16:38

    WHO continuing to do everything except what is needed to be done.

  • Poonam R.
    12/15/2020 16:15


  • Faghir B.
    12/15/2020 16:01

    That is sooo adorable, really like the fact that she spoke directly to the children with this sweat message😍 I am sure children and their parents appreciate it

  • Expose I.
    12/15/2020 15:58

    Instead of promoting secular values and scientific temper, the so called scientific organization promotes mythology and irrational stupidity

  • Venkataraman S.
    12/15/2020 15:53

    Wow great if who testing than we can some doubt

  • Jon S.
    12/15/2020 15:52

    In India too, we have found a new Santa Claus roaming around in a big beard.

  • Taukir A.
    12/15/2020 15:49

    They never run out of cringe do they? First collude to hide the pandemic and now run these cheap PR stunts..

  • Parth A.
    12/15/2020 15:38

    WHO is a fraud

  • Hindya D.
    12/15/2020 15:38


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