• Daniel B.
    05/29/2018 13:18

    Been going on forever and provides a unique habitat for many animals. This is nothing but fake news and spam

  • Heather S.
    05/29/2018 12:30


  • Carmen M.
    05/29/2018 04:24

    Noooooo me suicido yaaaa

  • Jose M.
    05/29/2018 04:23

    prepárense!! Jajajajajaja

  • Ben R.
    05/28/2018 07:52

    the oceans fighting back

  • Vieil O.
    05/27/2018 22:32

    If you collect them offshore you will have collateral damage with turtles and other endangered species. If you collect them onshore you have toxicity problems and you're too late. (Try to put some in your fridge and wait 1 day..., meanwhile you can go and buy a new fridge) If you dry it you need to have it dry within a few hours, otherwise you could exterminate a whole town. Suppose you could dry it, imagine your energy bill. Another way to stabilize it is fermentation with micro-organisms by gathering them in oxygen free kind of silage. Then they remain stable while wet. I have some laying for 3 years, they haven't changed, even not in color. But then the question is what to do with it. Can't use them as animal feed or fertilizers because of too high arsenic levels. Industry don't want them, even in 🇨🇳...

  • Edward S.
    05/27/2018 01:30

    Don’t mind the sarcasm but it’s probably from all the garbage being dumped into the ocean . 🤔

  • Ezekiel B.
    05/26/2018 23:06

    we did this

  • Andreita C.
    05/26/2018 17:01


  • Rochelle P.
    05/26/2018 04:16

    The seaweed is home to crabs, slugs, fish and shrimp...

  • Rochelle P.
    05/26/2018 04:16

    It’s not that bad..

  • Najouta G.
    05/26/2018 01:22


  • Harry T.
    05/25/2018 17:15

    I quite often get told that my sargassum is bad...

  • Anne H.
    05/24/2018 16:34


  • Raj B.
    05/24/2018 07:39

    People must stop creating mountains of trash this where it starts become sensible for love of Mother Earth become zero trash its for all without distinction .

  • Lyn R.
    05/23/2018 12:56

    It's here in Turkey

  • Ryan M.
    05/23/2018 12:44

    This just shows you that the world is also killing itself

  • Eric K.
    05/22/2018 21:50

    They failed to mention how many thousands of species depend on the sargassum for survival

  • Alexander M.
    05/22/2018 16:30

    The weed is thriving on sewer and waste being dumped in the sea.

  • Paulina S.
    05/21/2018 23:48

    Divine pushment!

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