Schwarzenegger calls out Trump

Schwarzenegger versus Trump: environment edition! The feud continues...

06/20/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Norman M.
    06/20/2017 17:51

    stick with acting

  • Abby S.
    06/20/2017 17:53

    Trump broke Arnold.

  • Wendy T.
    06/20/2017 18:01

    Broke him I don't think so he would make a better president than that fucking bottom feeder you all seem to think is a messiah go back to Walmart and hang out with you're toothless friends where you belong

  • Gj K.
    06/20/2017 18:05

    So what, who cares what this ignorant Jollywood fool has to say about anything.

  • Suzanne E.
    06/20/2017 18:13


  • Shaka Z.
    06/20/2017 18:16

    Trump is a bitch

  • Susan B.
    06/20/2017 18:18

    Maybe Arnold should have learned to pull out when he was screwing his maid, produced a son, and never supported him. Shame on him.

  • Carol H.
    06/20/2017 18:18

    he made a mess of Ca so he should shut his mouth

  • Fornii H.
    06/20/2017 18:22

    He must not had read it.... We pay....while most nations pay nothing..... They pollute...we sit idle.... It nothing about the environment but wealth transfer.... Enslaving American tax payers....

  • Eva S.
    06/20/2017 18:25

    You want to save the earth. Read the bible...

  • Dianne N.
    06/20/2017 18:25

    Another LIEberal asshole supporting the bigist scam known to man!!!

  • Paula N.
    06/20/2017 18:37

    We are behind President Trump 100%.

  • Herb L.
    06/20/2017 18:49

    Well said Mr. Governor, I salute you for that....

  • Lola F.
    06/20/2017 18:52

    Why did Trump EEEEVVVVVVEEEEEEEERRRRRRR put you in his chair on Celebrity Apprentice? You don't deserve to walk in his footsteps or set in his chair as far as I am concerned. Droopy old muscle bag!

  • Steve L.
    06/20/2017 18:59

    Schwarzenegger such an idiot he was so stupid he cheated on his wife for that stupid house cleaner what a dope go back to Macon C-Class movies

  • Kirk L.
    06/20/2017 19:02

    Shut up stupid

  • Ed B.
    06/20/2017 19:07

    Arnold is just jealous he can NEVER be POTUS

  • Tom A.
    06/20/2017 19:09

    AHHH shut up.

  • Kathy C.
    06/20/2017 19:11

    For heaven's sake we all make mistakes! All religions call to forgive not to heap judgment on others. And beyond the mistakes you made Mr. Schwarzenegger, I for one applaud your comments. The Paris Agreement is an extremely important one for our entire planet if we are to survive.

  • Allen W.
    06/20/2017 19:15

    You ran the debt up in California and screwed the maid while ,married-F'