Schwarzenegger calls out Trump

Schwarzenegger versus Trump: environment edition! The feud continues...

06/20/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Maria G.
    06/23/2017 08:44


  • Jim L.
    06/21/2017 22:50

    Screw you Arnold.

  • Bennitos G.
    06/21/2017 20:24


  • James C.
    06/21/2017 16:26

    Why couldn't he deliver lines that well when he was an actor

  • Daniel M.
    06/21/2017 14:58

    Arnold go home you are a waist to us

  • Trey W.
    06/21/2017 14:24

    Well the executive branch is the president so he does kinda make the decisions

  • Todd A.
    06/21/2017 11:50

    Yeah we are committed but not by spraying heavy metals and endothermic reactions in the sky jeez

  • Ranondo C.
    06/21/2017 10:36

    I sense alot of ballwashing

  • Pamela F.
    06/21/2017 09:51

    Thank you Arnold !

  • Al D.
    06/21/2017 09:16

    Hahahaaaaa cook some Austrian schnitzel you moron 😂😉

  • Eddie M.
    06/21/2017 08:38

    Trump admits he cheated on wives 1 and 2 btw. So please don't be hypocritical and bash someone for something your, seems lots because no-one on the right will be critical of any moves, has done.

  • Eddie M.
    06/21/2017 08:34

    He can't even speak English (the American language) how can he talk for the United states?? I mean they had to use subtitles. What I would hear so from my sooo many, way too many, my fellow south Carolinians because they have been essentially brain washed into disagreeing with anything any Democrat does, while I do not support Trump if he advocates for a trillion in influlsturure(Like he said) I would support him on it!!! rather than a trillion in corporate tax cuts... If he could make a great a better health care plan, rather have the right write one in secret I would support him on it... But he just says what ever will get the crowd he is in front of to cheer, and say/do the opposite later.

  • Alyssa B.
    06/21/2017 07:50

    Been here more than 40 years and his English is still trash.

  • Karen W.
    06/21/2017 06:41

    Arnie stick to acting dont meddle

  • David R.
    06/21/2017 05:13


  • Eduardo G.
    06/21/2017 04:47

    I don't Trust Trump. I Trust and Faith for both GOD and Aliens

  • Abelardo S.
    06/21/2017 04:47

    Precidente y ...

  • Daniel A.
    06/21/2017 04:38

    Although Arnold has different views on this than I do , one thing I can appreciate how calm and respectful he is while sharing his opinion. Wish more people was like him .

  • Mary A.
    06/21/2017 04:30

    go home and screw you maid, dunce

  • Noah H.
    06/21/2017 04:18

    Arnold is also not a climatologist. Nor is he a meteorologist. He is an actor and a politician. Science is so divided on this issue that there really is no definitive answer. However, nobody on either side, as far as I've seen, is saying we shouldn't be environmentally conscious. The left demands mountains of environmental regulation that would in turn cripple major industries like coal, oil and mining. The right wants fewer regulations so that industry can provide for the needs of the American citizen. What we need is a balance. Enough regulations to hold industry accountable for the damages they may cause and steps to prevent it, but give the freedom for industry to grow so that people can get good, high paying jobs.