Shocking footage of pollution on the island of Skye

A beach covered with trash where animals are risking their lives. That's what this veterinarian saw on the island of Skye in Scotland. Footage: Paddle Against Plastic UK

12/23/2017 8:08 AM
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  • Fay C.
    09/27/2018 08:19

    Do t just sit there watching , if it’s that “ horrrible” go bloody do something to help!!! 😞😡😞😡

  • Gayle I.
    09/10/2018 10:23

    Dumb lassie bloody get it out the cows gob and while your there do a litter sweep if everyone tried while visiting it would be a start

  • Sandi C.
    09/08/2018 19:39

    The vet should have stopped the cow. The farmer should have cleared the rubbish away before the cows went on .

  • Fiona R.
    09/08/2018 17:35

    It's Coral bay not talisker. The cows are left to roam around on the beach.

  • Natasha R.
    09/06/2018 20:25

    Megan Rose Vincent 😢😢😢 see

  • Wendy M.
    09/06/2018 07:45

    Please watch the whole vid to see the outcome before you start bad mouthing the vet.

  • Wendy R.
    09/05/2018 18:39

    Hope she took it off the cow ??

  • Alex H.
    12/30/2017 21:24

    Big problem in developing countries

  • Jane M.
    12/30/2017 09:46

    Oh my god!

  • Jane N.
    12/29/2017 23:16

    How about the locals volunteer and go out and clean the beach then? . Lazy cunts!!

  • Julie G.
    12/28/2017 22:25

    I know this beach, it's Talisker bay and I started going there to watch Golden Eagles 20 years ago. The beach does get cleared up by locals but all the rubbish and plastic is being washed up from the sea. Rubbish destroying a beautiful place and harming animals.

  • Green D.
    12/27/2017 10:26

    doesn't only affect our oceans and marine life but also the ecosystem on the island. After Watching this shocking video of a beach covered with where animals around are risking their lives we should "THINK" the next time we use any plastic items and how it can lead to danger for our and its !

  • Belinda J.
    12/27/2017 09:51

    Let’s all try to reduce our use of plastic, support those campaigning to reduce the use of plastic, collect litter in part of a small voluntary group in Bolton who collect using council bags and Pickers which they collect the bags. I realise it’s only a small act but it’s positive action and there is a ripple effect - who know who you may inspire or educate.

  • Shikin I.
    12/27/2017 04:29


  • Tommy N.
    12/26/2017 22:02

    I am sure the marine conservation society will have some contacts up that area to help out

  • Tommy N.
    12/26/2017 22:01

    Waiting for the date of your planned beach clean to clear this beach ??

  • James P.
    12/26/2017 14:18

    Just how mean are the cows up there that veterinarians are afraid to approach them. No wonder no one picks up the beach. They're afraid of the fucking cows.

  • Hamza M.
    12/26/2017 11:44


  • Paras S.
    12/26/2017 02:05

    Is the cow eating plastic or the food inside the plastic ? Is the human who dumped the food in plastic bad or the plastic itself is bad ? Are guns bad or the people who use them to kill others bad ? Are cars bad or drunk drivers ? This whole think against Plastics is like just the same , humans are irresponsible, they are going to remain that way. Plastic is the best alternative . Infinitely recyclable .

  • Valerie A.
    12/25/2017 13:55