• Helder L.
    04/21/2018 14:40


  • Paul N.
    04/21/2018 14:42

    Yes hunt but barbaric actions are not required. They show how pathetic humans really are.

  • Jean-Philippe E.
    04/21/2018 14:59


  • Cristian C.
    04/21/2018 15:01

    Boycott all canadian products, fuck u Canadá

  • Jared C.
    04/21/2018 15:13

    Barbaric yes, killed for its fur. How is wearing leather or eating meat any different though?

  • Louise S.
    04/21/2018 16:05

    Thats what they eat....and wear...no feilds of cows there.

  • Esjhey A.
    04/21/2018 16:18

    what the hell.. damn man! pure evil.. disgusting!

  • Martine L.
    04/21/2018 16:27

    Inuits may have traditionally done it for ever.. but they only took a few and used 'everything', including blubber, meat etc... the boat people kill hundreds only to sell the skin. and this is wrong! They are also very cruelly slaughtered.. in front of their mothers..

  • Rougie M.
    04/21/2018 16:31

    I'm Canadian and all the people I know and myself don't understand why year after year this goes on... Clearly our government doesn't hear our voices. Another one of our dirty secrets that we need support from the rest of the world to help stop! Please help! It's mind boggling how inhumane and unnecessary this blood shed is.

  • Adelaide G.
    04/21/2018 17:20

    Não consigo ver estes vídeos 😡😠

  • Matt A.
    04/21/2018 17:33

    Harp seal population exploding....needs culling big time people

  • Mohammad R.
    04/21/2018 18:08

    Whose this mother fucker , need to punish him same way , the mother fucker

  • Ayman A.
    04/21/2018 18:12

    Cassiopeia Starstuff

  • Maarika M.
    04/21/2018 18:21

    Omg. You know, its ok. When you see it its heart breaking. So wrong.

  • Peter N.
    04/21/2018 18:23


  • Roberta L.
    04/21/2018 18:37

    As Canadians we should know better.

  • Claudia Z.
    04/21/2018 18:41


  • Maria L.
    04/21/2018 21:02

    Los cazadores de Canadá son unos re-malditos despiadados, cuantos años qué vienen haciendo ésto?? Dios mío qué tengan piedad de estos pobres animalitos. BASTA DE MALTRATO ANIMAL gobiernos de todo el mundo dejen de hacer oídos sordos y mirar para otro lado

  • Guilherme N.
    04/21/2018 21:50

    It's time to rain justice upon the wicked hunters.

  • Mitch G.
    04/21/2018 22:33

    can you guys like fucking stop? jesus