Sustainable recipe: Egg marinated in beer with sprouted sunflower seeds

A freshly laid egg marinated in beer with caramelized sunflower seeds. This is chef Florent Ladeyn's new sustainable recipe. 🍳

06/30/2019 8:43 AM
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  • Sabina K.
    a day

    Somebody was bored.

  • Mark B.
    2 days

    I only like hard boiled eggs 💥

  • Ronain L.
    2 days

    So much prep for fuck all

  • Kevin D.
    2 days

    Looks like a stool sample,,,

  • Lesa J.
    2 days

    Looks good

  • Sam S.
    2 days

    a hahaha a pinch of salt!!!!!

  • Priscilla B.
    2 days

    I'm sure he was sprouting lentils for 3 days in another video. These are recipes are for people to pass time while self isolating obviously.

  • Craig O.
    2 days

    Who you feeding a mouse

  • Nikkie V.
    2 days

    Three days,,,,,,GTF,,,,, we ain’t that bored yet pal 🙄😏🤪😂

  • George O.
    3 days

    I would not want to eat anything he produces he looks dirty perhaps he should have had a shower before making it

  • Lillian L.
    3 days

    Nope! I prefer my eggs at least slightly cooked, not cold and raw

  • Lauren R.
    3 days

    When the shops run out of food I still won't be eating this.

  • Phil D.
    3 days

    Just got out of bed, no idea what he's doing yet til he has 8 coffees, then puts the chicken before the egg. Genius.

  • Peter H.
    3 days

    Which definition of "easy" are we using here?

  • Ronnie D.
    3 days

    the hipsterest shit I've seen in a long long time.

  • Joanne R.
    4 days

    Where is that EWWWW icon when you need it! hahahaha

  • Christopher I.
    4 days


  • Nadia N.
    5 days


  • Calen L.
    5 days

    would u eat this

  • Lisa B.
    5 days