The big 5 mass extinctions on Earth

Species disappearing all over the planet, wave of volcanic eruptions, tsunamis... Here are the 5 previous extinctions that the Earth has experienced.

05/06/2019 6:19 AMupdated: 05/07/2020 11:13 AM


  • Marlon A.
    07/14/2021 06:15

    Ur as

  • Jazi G.
    07/12/2021 19:47

    Liars!Attenborough is puppet for oligarchs spreading disinformation, there were no dinosaurs…only giants, human giants.

  • Joe L.
    06/29/2021 05:50

  • Rebekah B.
    06/28/2021 03:22

    Soooooo... what exactly is causing it. Is there any way of stopping or slowing it down? If so, how? This video gave very little important information on what needs to be done.

  • Shadaksharayya H.
    06/27/2021 23:23

    Most animals eaten by humans?

  • Haj R.
    06/27/2021 16:06

    𝙄'𝙢 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙝𝙖𝙥𝙮

  • Jeanette L.
    06/27/2021 11:45


  • Kriz S.
    06/27/2021 10:33

    that's fucking amazing ?p

  • Nelson L.
    06/27/2021 04:26

    Is our turn coming next???

  • Eli Z.
    06/27/2021 02:02

    As I look at it...Its an opportunity to adapt and evolve... of course its only my point of view...

  • Ursula R.
    06/26/2021 21:37

    The alarmists show icebergs melting and breaking off - what they DON'T mention it is a natural occurrence that has been happening in the spring and summer over thousands of years. It's called calving.

  • Ursula R.
    06/26/2021 21:33

    Ooooh - more stories to scare the daylights out of the population, the same as Flim Flam Flannery's wildly inaccurate predictions and the rest of the "global warming" alarmists who got VERY RICH from their lies.

  • Bart V.
    06/26/2021 19:41

    , you truly believe that climate change is mostly due to humans and their carbon-emissions?

  • Masira J.
    06/26/2021 15:24

    Not sure though mass extinction if previous triggers is anything to go by then not animal triggered. This is mere prop, 6 extinction will eliminate mankind and it will not be from their doing

  • Austin Y.
    06/26/2021 15:11

    What if I told you the earth is warming back up from the last ice age and we simply gotten use to the cold side of earth....

  • Rhonda P.
    06/26/2021 14:32

    When this extinction affect our ability to provide enough food for billions we will start wars and remove ourselves to small groups and start a new era. Earth will recover and carry on like nothing has happened .

  • Gulden L.
    06/26/2021 14:19


  • Altar F.
    06/26/2021 13:07

    Earth still has atleast 1 billion years or less because the Sun will expand at that time, turning into red Giant, evaporating the ocean and all life will perish then goes to supernova. We still have time to leave earth or move the earth away from the sun if theoretically possible.

  • Leslie B.
    06/26/2021 12:53

    I'm not sure how I feel about this post. As a Christian, I have to believe that man has been here since Gods creation. I don't know how you think that you can prove these theories? To me, that's just what they are, theories.

  • Josh B.
    06/26/2021 12:41