The big 5 mass extinctions on Earth

Species disappearing all over the planet, wave of volcanic eruptions, tsunamis... Here are the 5 previous extinctions that the Earth has experienced.

05/06/2019 6:19 AMupdated: 05/07/2020 11:13 AM
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  • Charanjeet S.
    05/27/2020 17:08


  • Samith W.
    05/17/2020 03:04


  • 岡村愛
    05/13/2020 12:33


  • N S.
    05/13/2020 08:13

    why they blame all their wrong doing to others....

  • Hermawan S.
    05/13/2020 06:05

    Thats a good music.. Wheres i can download it?

  • Frnces V.
    05/12/2020 17:52

    How about the massive poaching here in south east asia (land and sea) which is really done by China (which is part of east asia & not south east asia) and yet there are lots of evidences on it and yet they still denies it that they are not doing it

  • Francisco A.
    05/12/2020 16:23

    Quieren justificar el genocidio humano. Con estupideces

  • Francisco A.
    05/12/2020 16:23


  • Ray A.
    05/12/2020 02:00

    Humans are the earths worst virus.

  • Ayoub E.
    05/12/2020 00:42

    الحق حننقرض

  • Daniel E.
    05/11/2020 20:37

    Extinction is nature's birth control. Genocide is humanity's birth control.

  • Daniel E.
    05/11/2020 20:32

    The postulation one paleontologist is nothing short of curiously anecdotal. Let him write a compelling thesis and publish it as a book. Perhaps a renowned expert in climate generated extinction, such as Greta Thunberg, will write the forward for his erudite tome?

  • Nicholas C.
    05/11/2020 19:54


  • Irene Q.
    05/11/2020 19:17

    why have the scientists no theory on a biological level as a pandemic equivalent to today which may have killed all these species.

  • Abe G.
    05/11/2020 18:53

    The music just makes me wanna belly die to death!!!!!

  • Souparno S.
    05/11/2020 18:32

    Corona virus is just an indication , if humans don't become compassionate towards nature it would wipe out humanity with deadly virus before we are done away with mass extinction

  • Daniel B.
    05/11/2020 18:30

    Yet, new species are regularly identified or “discovered”. This continuous doom and despair mantra is being pushed to its limits for power and money. Sure, there are many things wrong with and in this world. Still, must they be the center of everything while the wonders that exist and continue to take place be swept into dark corners and never spoken of?

  • Bill S.
    05/11/2020 18:20

    If your opinion doesn't match the facts..easy make up your own

  • Arnaud R.
    05/11/2020 18:19

    We are chocking on Humains ⚠

  • Rachael J.
    05/11/2020 18:11

    Notice the words "probably ""may have""hypotheses"...Nothing is a fact..