The biggest case of illegal fishing in the Galapagos

In the Galapagos, the bodies of 6,600 sharks caught in a marine protected zone have been found in a cargo ship. A sad new record.

08/29/2017 5:56 PM


  • David D.
    09/06/2017 10:16

    Should have gotten at least 20 years or more and fined at least 50 million dollars.

  • Konstancja O.
    09/03/2017 20:36

    Eating fish or any meat or dairy is unsustainable, detrimental to tie environment and unethical.

  • Janice F.
    09/03/2017 18:31

    They didn't get fined enough or sentenced to enough time! Absolutely disgusting. There is no word in the English language to describe these kind of people.

  • Georgina H.
    09/03/2017 14:24

    Should have been 1 year for each animal on that boat. Humans are sick

  • Sue T.
    09/01/2017 20:51

    Ok holiday plans have now changed for next year

  • Raf T.
    09/01/2017 09:42


  • Steve R.
    09/01/2017 00:01

    Or..... Did the enforcement people get waylaid or delayed because of chinas large fina ncial involvement in Ecuadors govt.

  • Steve R.
    08/31/2017 23:57

    Endless shark fishing before they got caught? Does the Ecuadorian navy, not have electronic equipment? Radar? Desire?

  • Anna B.
    08/31/2017 17:50

    This is awful. They desrve much longer sentence and the ship should have been sunk. 😠

  • Jay L.
    08/31/2017 16:32

    The entire crew and owner should have been put to death.

  • Aubrey C.
    08/31/2017 15:40


  • Hugh H.
    08/31/2017 14:42


  • Jess M.
    08/31/2017 11:57


  • Kilah B.
    08/31/2017 10:23

    ahhh this makes me so fuckin angry

  • Koda W.
    08/31/2017 09:23

    Whats the world going to do with the over populated Chinese , they will be the end of the world they are killing everything that moves the chinese make me sick very cruel country

  • Sean G.
    08/31/2017 09:04


  • Mark A.
    08/31/2017 08:32

    They should of sunk the ship also

  • Julia N.
    08/31/2017 08:09

    How awful This is so wrong If the sharks go the oceans will die They are so stupid

  • Paul T.
    08/31/2017 08:09

    They should be sentenced the same as drug traffickers

  • Shaun M.
    08/31/2017 08:06

    I would of blew up the ship with all them parasites on it.