• Virginia V.
    02/08/2020 07:25

    Shame we just focus on Climate Change. The Biodiversity Crisis has a bigger impact on human survival than climate change. Climate change is only one of the direct drivers of the biodiversity crisis. Shame we are not looking at these issues holistically. I feel that people seem to think that if we tackle climate change every thing will be ok, but the truth is, if we continue to trash our planet, the human species has no hope of survival. It is very sad🙁

  • Maite A.
    06/09/2018 11:23

    La era de los comerciantes...

  • Selah N.
    05/16/2018 23:24

    The effects

  • Diane B.
    05/14/2018 20:11

    is japan still pouring ion radiation from the tsunami where the reactor melt down. is it still flowing radiation it so awful

  • Nora N.
    05/14/2018 17:42

    We are killing everything around us how that is not going to effect us

  • Bram D.
    05/14/2018 15:59

    Fuck sakes

  • Irish R.
    05/14/2018 14:59

    Treating the world's oceans like a open sewer is the culprit in a lot of cases. Unfortunately I don't see that changing.

  • Troy D.
    05/14/2018 13:36

    People are destroying nature and the people who can stop it wont. The people who will stop it cant. This world is totally fucked up and i dont want to be around when earth dies because of greed and stupidity. If i cant solve the problem i wont be around to watch shit hit the fan.

  • Lucas M.
    05/14/2018 07:31

    Et il faudrait 99% plus de dans ce monde.

  • Rich H.
    05/14/2018 07:25

    Wake up 🌍

  • Mercedes R.
    03/30/2018 23:09


  • Frahim H.
    03/29/2018 02:44

    Done (Y)

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