• Lef R.
    02/23/2018 20:53

    I don't understand why anythings ending up in the sea when we could be making bricks out of even ' un recyclable' plastic wast...

  • Brum Z.
    02/23/2018 16:47

    The royals kill animals for fun 👎💩

  • Ryan T.
    02/23/2018 15:06

    It’s sickening that 70% of this earth is water yet human beings decide to treat it as a dumping ground. Those goes for each and every person who goes to a beach too for their holiday. WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE. That applies to commercial fisherman and especially the scum who dump into the sea intentionally. Karma will pay you back nicely in one way or another!

  • Saverio C.
    02/23/2018 11:04

    un esempio per tutti

  • Mark H.
    02/23/2018 02:27

    Fuck the royal family

  • Seán M.
    02/22/2018 22:40

    They our plastic

  • Michael J.
    02/22/2018 21:57

    Haha, sorry, this is just utterly hilarious. Royal family in a war against waste. I have a reusable letter-opener. Their letter-opener is on a fucking salary.

  • Francesca E.
    02/22/2018 21:13

    Haha the hypocrisy

  • Carl P.
    02/22/2018 18:12

    How about going to war on inequality

  • Chris C.
    02/22/2018 17:02

    We need a global ban on single use plastic.

  • Julie A.
    02/22/2018 11:19

    Can they also go to war against poverty 🤔 umm I think not!

  • Annabel R.
    02/22/2018 10:30

    - thought might be useful for your dissertation

  • Lisa B.
    02/22/2018 10:02

    Just another PR exercise.

  • Alice L.
    02/22/2018 09:05

    our man david is saving the planet

  • Jonathon M.
    02/22/2018 07:54

    Remove ya self from living like God's while working ppl are going to food banks to survive 🖕

  • Dave P.
    02/21/2018 23:24

    Use your stolen wealth to remove plastic products from the oceans, use it to stop it's production as a throw away package everywhere or pipe the fook down. Your ban at your elitist properties and shops to make yourselves look good is an insult to the masses. If you want to impress us, use all your (our) wealth to clean the planet and move into a council house.

  • Laura T.
    02/21/2018 21:25

    Trying to do something good for a change!!

  • Sam E.
    02/21/2018 21:16

    Just a shame most of the UK's recycling is shipped to China and dumped in landfills.

  • Szűcs R.
    02/21/2018 21:10

    The way forward!

  • Daniel B.
    02/21/2018 19:43

    Prince Charles talks to plants! Nutty as squirrel shit!

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