The controversial tradition of dolphin hunting

⚠️This video contains images that may be disturbing to some viewers. Hundreds of slaughtered dolphins. A sea of blood. For inhabitants of the Faroe Islands, it remains an age-old, though increasingly controversial, tradition.

07/24/2020 3:01 PM


  • Nichola W.
    09/18/2021 13:11

    Absolutely disgusting, perhaps those humans should drown in their own blood

  • Tenzin W.
    07/27/2021 05:57

    Pl union r look here....

  • Kevin A.
    12/23/2020 23:20

    Well, you'd better not go to a farm then. They slaughter cows, hogs, chickens, etc. People don't seem to have a problem eating their hamburgers and hot dogs and fried chicken. There is no happy way of slaughtering an animal. But you can't eat them while they're alive. Well, if you're Chinese I guess you could.

  • William S.
    12/21/2020 13:09

    I saw them doing the same thing in Japan I had no idea they did this in Denmark.

  • Mike M.
    12/21/2020 03:55

    Well you have to eat sorry that life

  • K C.
    12/20/2020 18:12

    Apparently whale blubber is delicious.

  • James B.
    12/20/2020 13:36

    People make me sick... how heartless can you be? I dont even like to kill bugs... or spiders...

  • Brian C.
    12/20/2020 11:16

    It's food... They eat it... China eats dogs... People eat horses... Cultures are different. Might not be right. But whatever.

  • Jeremy C.
    12/20/2020 09:29

    Love this. Traditions are meant to stays alive.

  • Carrie L.
    12/20/2020 00:12

    Those are pilot whales..... Just saying

  • Zach A.
    12/19/2020 17:05

    It’s crazy that one of the guys said it’s helpful for the environment how is that helpful when your literally wiping out a whole whale pod it’s understandable if it’s just like one whale and they eat it and don’t waste it but it looks like most of that meat gets wasted

  • Timothy M.
    12/19/2020 07:26

    This “traditional” hunt is the primary source of meat for an entire nation of people who live in islands and have to have everything imported which is extremely expensive. People aren’t killing the whales be it feels good, they’re doing it to survive. Just like how the whales kill to survive. Dolphins are extremely intelligent animals, intelligent enough that they do things like torture puffer fish to get high, kill for fun, and rape unwilling females of their species. They aren’t innocent and noble. They’re living beings the same as we are, they kill the same as we do, they die the same as we do, and they get eaten the same as we do

  • Gerald T.
    12/19/2020 03:34

    Say what you want but if people still lineup to buy and consume I’m not gonna blame the fisherman.. blame all those people there spectating and buying. They are directly impacting with their currency. They don’t fish if it’s not profitable

  • Derek H.
    12/19/2020 02:19

    It's not a good thing for the environment, it's a good thing for your feeble little island economy!

  • Bradley J.
    12/19/2020 02:06

    I bet those bad boys taste so good mmm mmm good

  • Jeffrey A.
    12/19/2020 01:31

    Why can't they just get their meat from the store like the rest of us instead of this horrific way?

  • Timothy E.
    12/18/2020 21:30


  • Momo K.
    12/18/2020 16:13

    Google map this place. It's how they survive. I don't think it's a profit scheme. Check the source of your refrigerated items before you judge others

  • Jesse H.
    12/18/2020 04:23

    Looks like an awesome subsistence harvest. Good for them.

  • Drew K.
    12/18/2020 03:30

    Lol so many snowflakes

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