The controversy around snake charmers, explained

"The snake is not dancing, it's terrified. All it wants to do is escape" It may be a major draw for tourists around the world, but snake charming remains controversial for its abusive practices.

09/05/2020 8:39 AM


  • Kajal R.
    4 days

    Very sad 😢 😢

  • Tiffaney P.
    09/18/2020 14:42

    Give me a Break soon people wont b expected to walk because of fear of stepping on ants GTFOH this has been happening for ever u kno just like eating pork UGH

  • Jeremy R.
    09/18/2020 10:36

    Humans have always exploited their fears and fascinations with dangerous animals...snake charmers and dancing bears...trained to dance by being made to step on hot iron plates.. its all cruel..playing to the ignorance of people.

  • Eric M.
    09/17/2020 23:21

    So what it's a cobra Deadly snake they will even chase people KILL IT!

  • Carl P.
    09/15/2020 16:25

    Leave them in the wild where they belong. So cruel what they do 😢

  • MD C.
    09/14/2020 20:14

    I hate hate snakes 🐍

  • Rohyt D.
    09/13/2020 14:49

    Since a lot of the comments seem to be from people from abroad, let me point out another schism this video fails to investigate: the snake charmers are a marginalised "low" caste that has been restricted to that profession for generations. In a rural setup, which is where most of these families live (even as the menfolk may work in urban/tourist centres), they are keenly "disincentivised" (systemically, and often through violence) from aspiring higher, and "encouraging" them to take up alternate professions is not enough. That is a very "upper" caste, upper class perspective and ignores completely their lived reality that while both caste discrimination and snake charming are illegal, both are practiced rampantly and openly.

  • Beverley K.
    09/11/2020 09:12

    Horrible 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Andrea P.
    09/10/2020 20:46


  • Zahoor A.
    09/10/2020 02:59

    A very common practice of drinking cow urine in India . Are they educated.

  • Angie B.
    09/10/2020 00:42

    Take photos of tourists with no poisonous snakes.. that's 1 better then kill them, cut the venom out or sow their months shut.

  • Sanju T.
    09/09/2020 19:12

    I dont understand what basis is considered brutal and what isnt. So called civilized potheads.

  • Sanju T.
    09/09/2020 19:09

    Killing chickens aint considered brutal?

  • Thierry P.
    09/09/2020 15:39

    Catch the snakes charmers. Throw them in a pit filled with cobras bare foot and watch them dance. Then skin them alive so they can understand how the snakes feel.

  • Maria M.
    09/08/2020 22:41


  • Diann C.
    09/08/2020 16:53


  • Raja R.
    09/08/2020 08:54

    westerners trying to impose their concept of civilised societies to india. Gl.

  • Danial M.
    09/08/2020 06:27

    Make toilets first talk about animal rights later.

  • William M.
    09/07/2020 21:03

    u are no snake charmer if u have to remove the fangs ur just a wuss afraid to get a bite u deserve now chain him up and cover the hole floor in venomous snakes and watch him dance way more entertaining personally i would of made him get bite by one with teeth

  • Pauline T.
    09/07/2020 16:34

    This is disgusting. Poor snake

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