The gaur is the largest wild bovid in the world

The largest wild bovid lives in India, and it's massive from all points of view.

02/18/2019 6:00 PMupdated: 02/26/2019 2:51 PM


  • Billy M.
    11/16/2020 06:46

    Be tasty over a open fire to

  • विजय ग.
    11/06/2020 18:05

    They are getting killed by poachers in India for free meat.....

  • Trent B.
    09/28/2020 13:38

    Tiger food

  • Cushla K.
    09/23/2020 05:51

    Super Super Amazing 😍

  • Jennifer P.
    09/12/2020 02:44

    Looks very gentle, it seems to smile a lot 😊

  • Ethan R.
    08/31/2020 21:46

    It's also known as the Asiatic Bison because they look like their American Cousin but completely hairless

  • Kumudu H.
    07/13/2020 20:53

    We Too have similar kind wild water buffalo too in Sri Lanka wich extreamly dangerous in wild like the elephant but from ancient times even domesticated for traditional methods of rice paddy farming labour and to take there milk to make buffalo milk curd etc.even very faithful to the master truly cared!

  • Edgardo D.
    06/11/2020 06:50

    It is an impressive beast,,

  • Syo K.
    06/05/2020 06:47

    Imagine even with it bulk, a tiger can take it down single handily. Just to tell how strong is an Indian or South East Asia Tiger.

  • Rashid Z.
    06/04/2020 07:57

    India has its own subspecies of many animals like the Rhino Buffalo Cheetah( now extinct) Asiatic lion and my antelopes

  • Steven G.
    06/02/2020 08:31

    Reminds me of my wife 🥴

  • Simon T.
    05/29/2020 22:07

    Poor gaurs

  • Tsetan P.
    05/09/2020 03:46

    We should have to keep all natural animals, plz don’t kill these beautiful animals

  • Siddhesh R.
    04/12/2020 19:03

    They should protect

  • Carol F.
    04/11/2020 20:28


  • Solomon K.
    02/04/2020 14:07

    I would love to taste it’s meat

  • Nazrin Y.
    01/21/2020 09:12

    It looks like Seladang in Malaysia. Is it same species or different?

  • Patea F.
    12/28/2019 07:19

    I have seen one up close and believe me. They are massive and impressive. All muscles, i feel like a 6 year old looking at a monster.

  • Isabelle R.
    12/22/2019 06:13

    Amazing, like the prehistoric „Ur“ that roamed Europe millennias ago

  • Jesse M.
    11/23/2019 10:12


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