• Arun K.
    05/18/2019 07:59

    Happy to hear some good news about the ecosystem.

  • Diana L.
    05/18/2019 08:09

    There is still hope in mankind!

  • Zacarias D.
    05/18/2019 08:23

    Good news

  • Akemi N.
    05/18/2019 08:36


  • Taipan S.
    05/18/2019 09:06


  • Marion R.
    05/18/2019 09:14

    That's wonderful news :)

  • Marie M.
    05/18/2019 10:13

    👍👍👍👍 it is pleasant to hear some good news time to time

  • April K.
    05/18/2019 10:34

    Humans need to stop killing animals period. We are eradicating all other creatures on this planet

  • Alex F.
    05/18/2019 10:53

    remember? Un poquito piracuruuuuuu

  • Jesse H.
    05/18/2019 11:39

    But who actually nicknamed it "Cod of the Amazon"? Please stop re-naming things. You know who you are.

  • Anderson F.
    05/18/2019 12:19

    Unfortunately the president in Brazil don't care about the nature or education. Just care about his pocket!

  • Stephan W.
    05/18/2019 21:03

    Arapaima Gigas..

  • Heinz K.
    05/19/2019 14:07

    Hi my dear Marianne!aThanks for this nice fish pics,it must be a Arapaima from the Amaconas,it is the biggest sweet water fish us much us I know!

  • Ingrida S.
    05/19/2019 23:53

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  • Mohd K.
    05/20/2019 06:50

    May i know how u actually survey/calculate fish population underwater? Any sort of devices maybe??

  • João M.
    05/20/2019 14:46

    Forget your barra

  • Washington L.
    05/20/2019 15:28

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  • Alec H.
    05/21/2019 11:04

    Any similarity in habit to their smaller compatriots ?especially in eating ????

  • Stephen C.
    05/21/2019 23:57

    Finally,some good news.

  • Krittanai P.
    05/22/2019 10:39