The impact of cigarettes on the environment

They expose workers, among which minors, to dangerous pesticides, and are responsible for 5% of the world's deforestation. Here's a look at the environmental footprint of cigarettes. 🚬

05/14/2019 6:56 AM
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  • Arqam S.
    05/20/2019 21:51

    So u mean that place Israel is Cancer to our globe

  • Mohammad A.
    05/20/2019 11:05

    Nice work ..good report.. but using name israel as a country it is illegal occupation and illegal settlements ...the country is palestine they captured illegally with the help of america...

  • Amit G.
    05/20/2019 06:51

    Ban Cigarettes!!!!

  • Aditi J.
    05/19/2019 07:44

    that's why you should stop smoking

  • Nishanth M.
    05/18/2019 16:23

    Why don't they fucking ban it then?! Stupid dumbfuks selling poison in the name of economy.

  • Rajeev A.
    05/18/2019 12:14

    sir, i Can't understand if there are so.many harm to human, forest. Why the Governaments don't dare to ban such production at fectory level. Thay onlt expect people . Why do not take strict action such as baning,the fectories. Only hippocracy

  • Kundan S.
    05/18/2019 06:51

    Banning cigarette should be the next step of gov.But how tobacco companies pays a lot of tax to gains profit in the name of publics life.

  • Last B.
    05/18/2019 02:29

    Govt ko ban karna chahiye...

  • Pavan V.
    05/18/2019 02:03

    No comments

  • Pratyusha J.
    05/17/2019 22:12

    People should see this video, let's give a thought to think on this and try to think logically.

  • Nabeel S.
    05/17/2019 20:42

  • Hijrat K.
    05/17/2019 19:06

    One of the biggest failure of Governments around the globe only they can stop the production of cigarettes if was a president the first sign or stump of mine would banning tobacco companies Shame on WHO

  • Syed M.
    05/17/2019 15:37

    Best way to stop it is shit down the factories producing fags Islamic concept

  • Syed M.
    05/17/2019 15:36

    Palestine and not israil

  • Shab S.
    05/17/2019 14:18

    nice creation the video edited well than your past video....

  • Hrudaya R.
    05/17/2019 13:18

    What is government doing when such a harmful product is being manufactured and sold in every lane in the society?

  • Mayank G.
    05/17/2019 11:59

    Eating, Smoking, Drinking should not be anyone's business, let an individual decide what they what to do with their life! sure you can always suggest them to quit or tell them how harmful it is.

  • Prakash K.
    05/17/2019 11:46

    Brut India, first of all You People stop smoking then advice the Society. Okay?

  • Mohammad F.
    05/17/2019 11:23

    Yd hai aap ne bola tha cigarette peene se environment ko effect nhi hota .

  • Tahir S.
    05/17/2019 10:50

    Israel mother fucker