The Liberate the Louvre Collective occupies the Louvre Museum

They occupied the Louvre for 2 hours. Climate activists want the museum to break its links with Total.

03/14/2018 3:54 PM


  • Stacia S.
    03/15/2018 20:01

    Visit DC deporables.

  • Jackie M.
    03/15/2018 19:08

    Dear Self Forehead Flattener...try harder surface for better results.

  • Mirna L.
    03/15/2018 17:38

    gle ove budale. Tak se sta moglo i očekivati. Istjerali posjetioce zbog njih. Refund please.

  • Rehman H.
    03/14/2018 22:31

    Do they realise that French Govt has already announced it's roadmap to stop oil production completely by 2035? It includes Total too.

  • Vanessa D.
    03/14/2018 20:05

    why didn’t you do this

  • Jackie M.
    03/14/2018 19:12

    Disavow all products in your personal lives outside in a mud hut...ride in horse drawn carts. Show us how living without fossil fuels is so warm and comfortable. Show us....oh it’s too cold and damp and you’ll get sick....ahaaa. Got it.

  • Jenay R.
    03/14/2018 18:45

    lets go to sagrada familia, this is what I was telling you about the toy guns, you need to physically take actions, its not illegal

  • Tyler J.
    03/14/2018 18:03

    Ppl are so fucking stupid 😂😂😂

  • Deklen W.
    03/14/2018 17:09

    this hurts my soul.

  • Mitchell J.
    03/14/2018 16:53


  • Gerry T.
    03/14/2018 16:40


  • Edel S.
    03/14/2018 16:05

    (Y) SHARED !

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