The life of Billie Eilish

Young, unconventional, and unapologetic. She was the first breakout star of Gen Z. Now, she shares her journey in a new documentary, "The World's a Little Blurry." This is the story of Billie Eilish.

02/27/2021 6:59 PM


  • Jason R.
    a day

    Autotune no talent

  • Azura A.
    2 days


  • Gary M.
    2 days

    It’s apparent that she has been compromised.

  • Sienna D.
    2 days

    I don't even know who she is :P

  • Lou B.
    2 days

    Her: "I didn't write music to be famous" Also her: "All I ever wanted was to be on stage and have people cheering for me...I've always loved being on a stage"

  • Chuck O.
    3 days

    If she says the word like one more time, I'm throwing this phone across the room.

  • Marsha B.
    3 days

    she has grown on me a little....

  • Amanda M.
    3 days

    I seriously dont get how she got this far. You cant even hear her when she sings and I feel like shes just talking or whispering. Idk if she has a good voice cuz I cant hear her.

  • William W.
    3 days

    She looks retarded just like her retarded music.

  • Justus M.
    5 days

    Billie Eyelash!!! No one will know you in 10 years!!😂😂😂

  • Lucy F.
    6 days

    Hearing her brother (not half but full check the filed documents!) Got nominated made her heartsore???? Wow thats rough love

  • Chase M.
    04/15/2021 07:59


  • Evan A.
    04/13/2021 22:42

    Your brother writes ur music, knock it off

  • Brad G.
    04/13/2021 19:53

    Never did this to become famous. Next frame: all I ever wanted is to be on a stage and have people cheering for me

  • Vance P.
    04/13/2021 15:25


  • Christian A.
    04/13/2021 13:24

    BS she wanted to be famous

  • Joshua O.
    04/13/2021 05:22

    Lies!😅🤣😂 you ain’t gotta lie about wanting to be famous cause it seems douchey, seriously it’s ok.

  • Keirsten S.
    04/12/2021 23:52

    I love her! And not just because she looks like my daughter and has the same name... Billie. But I like her music too. Love Bad Guy! <3

  • Aaron P.
    04/12/2021 11:36

    Her brother writes her songs

  • Brenda V.
    04/11/2021 23:59

    thats pretty cool

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