The Life of Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg has just become the youngest person named Time magazine's Person of the Year — here's how she did it.

Holding world leaders accountable

Thunberg — who journeyed to New York on a zero-emissions boat and had a meme-worthy stare-down with Donald Trump — called out world leaders for not doing enough to protect the planet. During her speech, Thunberg also challenged leaders to think bigger than merely cutting emissions in half in the coming years, which has been a common target among those hoping to tackle the crisis the 2015 Paris climate agreement — which the Trump administration pulled out of in 2017 — would have reduced carbon emissions in the U.S. by 26 percent by 2050. At the 2029 COP25 conference in Madrid, Thunberg criticized world leaders for not doing enough to reverse the climate crisis. In December 2019 she was named Time magazine’s 2019 Person of the Year. She is the youngest person ever to receive the honor.

Speaking up for a generation

“A year and a half ago I didn't speak to anyone unless I really had to but then I found a reason to speak. Since then, I have given many speeches and learned that when you talk in public, you should start with something personal or emotional to get everyone's attention. Say things like our house is on fire, I wanted to panic or how dare you. But today I won't do that because then those phrases are all that people focus on. They don't remember the facts, the very reason why I say those things in the first place. We no longer have time to leave out the science,” Great Thunberg tells Time Magazine.

Faced with these facts

According to the United Nations, sea levels are rising, the Arctic is getting warmer (by 34°F since 1990), and global emissions are reaching record levels. UN Secretary-General António Guterres invited world leaders, activists, and scientists to meet for a Climate Action Summit in New York City. And while the assembly produced several plans of action — like this proposal to make cities in the U.S., Europe, Turkey, Indonesia, and Kenya more sustainable — 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg's impassioned speech stole the show.


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  • John W.
    02/27/2020 12:24

    Easy . Very professional P.R. Support, tightly scripted appearances, positive press coverage in exchange for access.

  • Steve W.
    02/26/2020 18:45

    Scientists prove her wrong time and time again and now they say Bees are the most important creatures on the planet not her. How will her handlers and gullible followers deal with this new fact

  • Max D.
    02/18/2020 22:21

    Yeah whatever

  • Norm F.
    02/08/2020 20:24

    She is a brainwashed clueless little hypocrite. She has absolutely no idea about climate. The whole climate thing is a proven fraud. She is financed by George Soros.

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  • Elana M.
    12/23/2019 01:56

    Brilliant, hope and faith prevails, in the young for a future generations.., listen to the the young, you might find out they have something to say..

  • Nabila A.
    12/15/2019 10:49

    the youngest imposter history has ever known

  • Chris F.
    12/15/2019 00:06

    Our generation use to be more environmentally friendly with the way we were raised. Now the crybaby generation that were raise on throw away diapers wonder what happen? You all have had it made...go ahead fix it, good f'n luck.

  • Stinger D.
    12/14/2019 21:49

    Cut down a Million Tree's for this and then all of the Jet Fuel to distribute the Magazine.

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    12/13/2019 21:02

    May god bless you. This entire system engaged in dogmatic discrimination or earth scorched policy along with a mass G7 community.everybody knows.and you are a young star who are rasing her voice against world octogenarian leaders out there.likewise,only few bravest young stars have showed their courage or virtue.some people will think of you are being manipulated or "you are spoiled little brat".such a freakish socio-pathetic people.we are living in group of D8 country section.dhaka (capital city of Bangladesh) is one of the most air polluted city.we are surfacing in web of carbon annihilation.Our geology ,Entire bio- eco system will be turned into squander. In this nick of time, you are a voice of reason.we are here for you. "A passion to smile " Respect.

  • Caroline T.
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    Take a chill pill hen for christ sake and stop taking whities.

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    Big lies

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    Teşekkür ederiz Sana teşekkür ederiz Thank you

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    Here's a bit of History for you... CHILDREN, especially white girls with braids was often used in Nazi Propaganda. The old Goebbels technique. Today's Left are still learning its game from earlier lefts in the 1930's. Look it up & educate yourself.

  • Muhammad H.
    12/12/2019 15:50

    Pakistan, one of the countries who are working on global warming problem, planted 1 bil+ trees, and yet not a single child had to come on t the screen and act, its the goverment who should be acting, not the children....please let her complete her school first.

  • Lee S.
    12/12/2019 15:43

    Get to know who and why she is. Not just some puppet teenager.

  • John M.
    12/12/2019 15:22

    Of course Greta Thunberg can't do anything concrete now other than speeches. She is a child with limited funds. Rather than complain, why don't you find ways to fund programs? You don't bully a child for protesting against your mistakes. Many of the Baby Boomers and Silent Generation do not care because they will be already dead before the most detrimental effects happen.

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    When does she walk on water