The Life of Justin Trudeau

From growing up the son of Canada's prime minister to becoming a nightclub bouncer, this is the story of Justin Trudeau.

He has recently been more strategic with his image

Born on December 25, 1971 in Ottawa, Canada. At the time, his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was the country’s prime minister. He told CBS News how proud he was to be Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s son. He and his brothers lived with their father. While a student, he volunteered at his university’s sexual assault center.

He taught snowboarding and worked a variety of jobs as a bouncer at a nightclub before returning to his studies. At 26, he graduated and began teaching French and math. In 2000, his father died of cancer. At 34, he married Sophie Grégoire, a television host. Together, they had 3 kids. At 37, he was elected as a member of Parliament for the first time. In 2012, he invited a conservative senator to box against him to raise funds for cancer research. In 2013, he became leader of the Liberal Party. 2 years later, he became prime minister. For the first time in its history, Canada had a government with equal gender representation, with 15 men and 15 women according to Government of Canada data. He is a feminist. He has been criticized for: Canada’s failure to meet its C.O.P. 21 climate commitments, his defense of C.E.T.A., a free-trade agreement between Canada and the E.U., his support for plans for an oil pipeline expansion. He has recently been more strategic with his image. But And he was criticized for overdoing it on his traditional outfit during a trip to India. At age 46, 2 years from the end of his term, Justin Trudeau faced a decline in his popularity. Over half of all Canadians said they are dissatisfied with his work.

In September 2019, he faced public backlash after photos emerged of him in black face and brown face. The blackface scandal shook his campaign. Polls predicted that his Liberal Party would lose its majority. On October 21, The Liberal Party lost their majority during the 2019 Canadian federal election. They still have enough seats in parliament to let Trudeau remain in power.


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  • Rajpaul S.
    15 hours

    Great man and a leader!

  • Ron M.
    17 hours

    He needs to be in jail. A trader to Canada

  • Leonard L.
    21 hours

    So hes going on 50 years old and still looks like a kid pm of Canada looks younger then he really is

  • Kiki B.
    a day

    I don’t agree with everything he has done, however comparing him to the current POTUS, honestly has made me feel a little more at ease, he took a knee where it counted, I wish he would do more for the indigenous lives. Perhaps the current climate will encourage him to do more for them in both the West and East

  • Rihaan S.
    a day

    World's most handsome famous respectable man.

  • Anna S.
    a day

    what a man, what a country! Canadian Dream is a thing now

  • Goldie D.
    a day

    The worst PM ever

  • Leona N.
    a day

    Yes... he's had a good life.... maybe too idealistic... everyone before Canadians.... he should concentrate on us first... many things in Canada needs attention before all his compassion for other countries

  • Iqbal A.
    2 days

    Best PM in the world.

  • Sadia A.
    2 days

    He is the best.

  • Brad G.
    2 days

    Runs the country for himself! He is the worst thing that ever happened to Canada. The best part of him ran down his moms leg

  • Thom G.
    2 days

    I wish we had a president that had a "vision for a positive future" rather than a race- baiting narcissistic two-faced fear monger ... Oh Canada !!!

  • Patrick M.
    3 days

    He accept anybody except canadian

  • Jim M.
    4 days

    The worst crime minister in Canadian history to concerned about other countries instead of his own a complete pos who should have lost the election if not for Ontario he will bankrupt this country by the time he’s done if he makes through this term without breaking more laws

  • Saalah A.
    4 days

    Its nice person really I feel glad to hear his voice every time God bless him am always prayer of him

  • Mustafa A.
    4 days

    My dream to be a canadian citizen but it's just dream never died and never become truth i'm stuck in iraq with wars and without any meaning for life or freedom

  • Jamil A.
    4 days

    He is stupid person and doesn't deserve to be a pm of canada

  • Janet K.
    5 days

    Rather have JT as our leader than anyone else at this time.

  • Arzu V.
    5 days

    !! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Sakina A.
    6 days

    Keep it up good job Great