The Life of Michael Bloomberg

He's a billionaire mogul, a former New York City mayor, and now he's running to push his friend-turned-foe out of the White House. This is Michael Bloomberg's life story.

His main battle: preserving the environment

He is one of the 10 richest men on the planet. He is the former Republican mayor of New York. Michael Bloomberg is now a Democratic candidate for the White House. Michael Bloomberg was born in 1942 in Boston in a middle-class family from Belarus. He pursued studies in engineering before attending the prestigious Harvard University. In 1973, he became a general partner at the investment bank Salomon Brothers. At 39, thanks to the $10 million he received after his dismissal from Salomon Brothers, he founded Bloomberg LP, a financial information company. In 1990, he founded a news agency that bears his name.

At 59, he succeeded Rudolph Giuliani as mayor of New York. At the time, he was a member of the Republican Party and he differentiated himself by being in favor of the right to abortion, and the right to same-sex marriage. He also defends gun control. A philanthropist, he funds several causes such as the access to education for the most disadvantaged tobacco control, denouncing the misleading tobacco industry advertising.

His main battle: preserving the environment. In 2007, he created the PlaNYC 2030 program, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030. In 2014, he was appointed the UN Special Envoy on Cities and Climate Change. And four years later, he offered $4.5 million to compensate for the United States' withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. For his third term as mayor of New York, he ran as an independent instead of a Republican. In his 12 years as head of the city, he personally invested $650 million, including $263 million in donations to associations. He also gave up his salary and has only taken a single symbolic dollar a year.

At 74, in 2016, he decided against entering the presidential race and instead chose to support Hillary Clinton. Divorced, father of two daughters, twice grandfather, he announced his candidacy for the presidential election on November 24, 2019. In one week, he spent $30 million on advertising for his campaign. That's more than any other Democratic candidate in 2019. A former friend of Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg is now a candidate against him.


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  • Ivy R.
    10/01/2021 03:43

    Run the Nation into the ground-----again? Well, this I can say about Trump. He's got grapefruit when it comes to running. He must be watching too much wrestling.

  • Rinus N.
    07/06/2021 13:10

    Salam sejahtera dari saya di Maumere Flores NTT Indonesia.

  • Rinus N.
    06/09/2021 14:31

    Siapa pun di seluruh dunia. Bisakah membantu saya mendapatkan alamat rumah kediaman Tuan Michael Bloomberg? Saya dari Maumere Flores NTT Indonesia. Terima kasih yang sebesar-besarnya.

  • Arthur K.
    06/18/2020 03:15

    Vladimir Putin

  • Saam B.
    06/16/2020 05:45

    Yes Sir! Bravo!

  • Dk P.
    06/01/2020 11:54

    He is right

  • Zulkiflee A.
    05/27/2020 10:20

    Another devil in the making....

  • Hamada S.
    05/20/2020 08:03


  • Uzodimma A.
    05/14/2020 02:15

    Mr. Bloomberg, I am glad to read that you are 74

  • Victor P.
    05/03/2020 23:20

    He's running the nation like his personal Abu Graib .

  • Bright O.
    04/25/2020 14:55

    , yes is communist

  • Waleed A.
    04/24/2020 19:03

    Shutting out Muslims its a joke how american will survives without the Arab nations . Its sick ideology

  • Joseph S.
    04/14/2020 22:00

    You failed the primaries. Give your friends chance to govern.

  • Rifaz R.
    04/03/2020 14:33

    USA England Italy France Germany Spain kill innosent child in Syria irap save afganisthan now wat hapan Allah punished all

  • Joe M.
    03/17/2020 18:58

    Only reason this guy got into the race is because he has a lot of business with China,

  • Sead B.
    03/13/2020 08:33

    Trump are bigest EWIL 😈 RACIST on the planet enyone better than EWIL 😈 RACIST dictator Trumptr

  • Frank C.
    03/09/2020 15:57

    You never had a chance. Maybe Judge Judy will shut-up about you now.

  • Asaolu A.
    03/08/2020 06:08

    If we have president that love his people like Trump in Africa. I wont bother to travel out of my continent. Trump is the best for America, you cant love religion,foreigners more than your citizen

  • Thomas K.
    03/06/2020 10:27

    Who is this klovn

  • Rick P.
    03/01/2020 02:40

    Shut the this sick want to be dictator up. Vote Trump 2020

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