The life of Michelle Obama

The first black first lady of the United States. A "closer." An advocate. A role model. This is the story of Michelle Obama.

05/08/2020 7:03 PM


  • Hubert H.
    08/24/2021 02:48

    A man in drag

  • Charmaine W.
    08/20/2021 00:53

    All that money. She should get HER teeth fixed

  • Mary A.
    06/29/2021 13:36

    This is why I love you. You are amazing! As a teacher of Special Needs kids I have added you and Barak to my list of excellent examples of love and hope.

  • Donald F.
    05/14/2021 02:14

    Michelle Obama is a bitter racist

  • Amjad K.
    05/13/2021 18:38

    You are still the slaves! And you people don't know about it???!.

  • Ronald L.
    05/12/2021 23:24

    Piss on him

  • Al S.
    05/12/2021 04:47

    First trans first Lady

  • Brut
    05/11/2021 21:59

    "There's still work to be done." Here's what Michelle Obama had to say about Derek Chauvin's verdict:

  • Dennis M.
    05/11/2021 21:54

    You socialist traitor obama puppet Go take a jump off a cliff And take perv joe drunk nancy lying chuck and the rest of the socialist idiots with you

  • Jim N.
    05/11/2021 18:25

    VVhit3 people🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Robert P.
    05/11/2021 15:02

    If mike lives in fear surrounded by secret service 24/7, I feel sorry for him in the real world. Put the kids in public schools in New York City and see how the real world is

  • Ann J.
    05/11/2021 13:39

    She needs to sit her hypocritical, self entitled, race baiting, arrogant self down, and STHU! Her daughters are the epitome of what it means to be really “privileged” in America!

  • Mary W.
    05/11/2021 11:44

    She’s a race divider. She was a terrible first woman (she’s not a lady in my opinion). Terrible example of true character.

  • Arran S.
    05/11/2021 10:24

    But she sends her daughter to an internship with rapist Harvey Weinstein… 🤔

  • Warren M.
    05/11/2021 09:12

    The hate on this thread is thicker than government issued peanut butter. I didn't totally agree with the policies and programs of the Obama administration. Not by a long shot. The Obamas' conciliatory approach toward their sworn enemies did not make sense and often held back progress in this nation that would have benefitted everyone. However, after four years of what was an unmitigated disaster in the person of one Donald J.Trump, even in the rear view mirror the eight years of Barack and Michelle look better and better.

  • Bobby R.
    05/11/2021 04:44

    Much love from Cali to Michelle Obama! 💖💖💖

  • Mxolisi M.
    05/11/2021 04:16

    this is our greatest American first lady ever

  • Shelly J.
    05/11/2021 03:20


  • Fran O.
    05/11/2021 03:19

    Lord, she is so full of crap!

  • Linda B.
    05/11/2021 02:12


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