The life of Sir David Attenborough

He spent his life sharing his passion for nature and telling the world about its fragile beauty. This is the life of Sir David Attenborough.

Presenter, naturalist, and ecologist

David Attenborough is an iconic figure when it comes to biodiversity. He was born on May 8, 1926, in a suburb of London. During World War II, his parents welcomed two Jewish refugees into their home. One of them gave David a piece of amber containing fossilized insects. From an early age, he was interested in the wild species around him. At just 7 years old, he had his own collection of butterflies. At 11, he sold newts and salamanders to the zoology department at the university nearby.

So, in 1945, it was only natural that he went to study geology and zoology at the University of Cambridge, where he obtained a degree in natural sciences. After his studies and two years of military service, he began writing natural science books for children. In 1952, he was hired as a producer for the BBC. In 1954, he hosted the documentary series “Zoo Quest” in which he followed teams from the London Zoo on their quest for wild animals. He became a celebrity and increasingly contributed to the evolution of wildlife documentaries.

In 1965, after a break to pursue a PhD in anthropology, he was appointed controller of BBC Two. A clause in his contract nevertheless allowed him to carry on filming all over the world. In 1979, he presented one of the most famous shows of his career: “Life on Earth”. In a now-classic episode, mountain gorillas began interacting with him.

For over 60 years, he has worked on numerous TV shows and documentaries, receiving numerous awards in the process. He also holds the record for the most honorary titles of the United Kingdom and over 20 species have been named in his honor, such as the Attenborosaurus. While filming in some of the most remote parts of the world, he became aware of the importance of environmental conservation. This commitment has increasingly grown stronger since then with his involvement in numerous environmental projects such as protecting butterflies and safeguarding parts of the Borneo rainforest transitioning towards renewable energies.


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    He's a sellout making erroneous videos for climate hoax propaganda...

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    Sir David Attenborough I just want to say a Big Thank You!!! For all the magical world we discover because of your passion !!! My dad always watching all your dokumenty which i grew up on now my son absolutely love it 😁😁 Thank You Thank You so much!!!

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    Wonderful man with soothing voice. I grew up watching his documentaries. Lovely personality. Bless

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    Been watching him forever, but I really like George Page too.

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    He is fantastic.. But why not Vegan? For The Animals? For The Nature?

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    What a great man! The real GOAT, Sir David should be the one in the front cover of TIME's not that young girl who skipped classes. RESPECT! 🥂🙏

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    Truly Amazing man and the leaders of this world should be listening to people like him for they have the expertise and experience in these matters and should be listened to or whats the point in being a expert if people without the expertise and experience dont listen and try to claim its all made up when they have no expertise in the matter????????

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    a living legend

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    My favourite documentary presenter on nature is Sir David Attenborough. 16/02

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