• Lavelle D.
    09/04/2019 21:30

    Students Invent Bacteria That Eat Plastic From The Oceans And Turn It Into Water. ... Currently the novelty is a bacterium , developed by students Jeanny Yao and Miranda Wang , who have been developing this project since their school years and today reap the fruits of it.May 22, 2019

  • Donna S.
    06/18/2019 15:20

    Thanks for trying and I pray that you will continue and eventually be successful.

  • Lorena V.
    06/03/2019 23:44

    Love it!! Great idea!!👏❤

  • Rebecca P.
    06/03/2019 05:55

    Keep at it! We believe in this.

  • Gemma L.
    06/02/2019 20:10

    Well done 👍 Keep trying!!! It’s absolutely disgusting that we are even having to deal with this kind of thing.

  • Kyria P.
    06/02/2019 10:28

    What you are doing and trying to achieve is amazing. Is gives me hope and warms my heart to see how you are making a difference. Things of this amplitude take time...don’t give up and don’t get discouraged. Well done 😊

  • Michele B.
    05/27/2019 16:47

    At least hes trying..thats better than NOTHING!

  • Filippo M.
    05/26/2019 19:32

    Continue trying! And improving

  • Carlos B.
    05/25/2019 05:11

    Don’t give up, you’ve come extremely far!

  • Lindee S.
    05/23/2019 19:51

    I'd like to see what plans are made for the plastic it catches too! The crossover between collection and recycling.

  • Howard A.
    05/20/2019 11:57

    We are told to recycle. The plastic garbage is shipped to countries in Asia. Unused plastic is dumped in the rivers and into the ocean. Maybe look at that whole recycle thing.

  • Niresh B.
    05/20/2019 03:58

    It would be great if Elon Musk and his team can help with this project

  • Diane W.
    05/19/2019 20:17

    What happens to sea life that gets scooped up with the trash?

  • Nanceen J.
    05/18/2019 17:02

    Trying to solve the problem. I hope it works

  • Sarah T.
    05/15/2019 08:24

    Omgosh you just don't think where it all goes... will try a lot harder to recycle

  • Brian E.
    05/14/2019 14:33

    imagine what he could do if money from the budget was diverted to help him with a much bigger fund than $20 million and gets fellow Engineers helping him.

  • Omar T.
    05/14/2019 13:41

    Somebody blame coca cola for example. They are doing nothing to help this.

  • Robert A.
    05/14/2019 08:33

    It's a good start.

  • Marc H.
    05/13/2019 18:50

    I think if it just floats around it will just float along the other plastic and not really concentrate. here my idea, got a few clicks also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URy9WSZUyFQ&t=20s

  • Lance J.
    05/13/2019 14:05

    Maybe they can ask amazon for new funding.. Most of the trash maybe.delivered by them rather than spending billions on how to go to other planet or moon