• Eduardo L.
    05/22/2018 11:24

    Here we are moving to the part of an industry imposed by.foriegn.demand and interest how about the people living on.tje industry the land converted to suit the crops what will.the measure to.assure that the period to transferred the land for another crops be made feasible to avoid the dislocation.of farmers and farmworkers last how will ecology of the area be restored it.takes long think.....

  • Linda M.
    05/22/2018 09:51

    Green at home but burn somewhere else; true mercantilism of the 21st century.

  • Bishnu P.
    05/22/2018 03:21


  • Behasmin B.
    05/22/2018 02:39

    Sad to think that humanity turns to hypocrisy... instead of helping to become.rich... they down the country.land owners. Business in this kind is self interest... :-)!

  • Moumouh A.
    05/21/2018 20:27

    Et tout ça au nom de rapports *gros*

  • Rosi M.
    05/21/2018 16:18

    Pls don't buy products with palm oil.

  • Nyima S.
    05/21/2018 15:36

    Pemba Sherpa Sonam Sherpa

  • Dominique E.
    05/21/2018 15:10

    This is awful

  • Edgar R.
    05/21/2018 10:57

    and it is now being bottled and sold here in Saint Lucia...

  • Jen S.
    05/21/2018 08:49

    Naughty Mr Macron! Boycott Palm Oil

  • Gaston P.
    05/21/2018 03:20

    Según el color del cristal con que se mire???

  • Jer R.
    05/21/2018 02:41

    just putting this out there.

  • Jeff B.
    05/21/2018 00:57

    People in charge need to be removed. The power to the people. Only way we can survive. ☮️

  • Henriquez Y.
    05/20/2018 23:57

    En Honduras está sucediendo lo mismo, están deforestado nuestro bosques para cultivar grandes plantaciones de Palma Africana, por esta causa se secan fuentes de agua como ser ríos, lagunas y quebradas y por lo que en un futuro tendremos un desierto si esto continúa.

  • Dina N.
    05/20/2018 23:29

    Shame those companies in very large letters ...

  • عبود آ.
    05/20/2018 22:24


  • संप्रिती द.
    05/20/2018 21:25

    Ah France... Foie gras and pate and everything gross and unnatural is palatable to them so naturally this sadistic industry n it's employment must be too.

  • Franz W.
    05/20/2018 16:23

    not much different than the truth behind the belgian congo, now is it? another smallish country, raped by europe, with little to no regard towards the country and its population. stupid fucking french cocksuckers! fuck you, baguettes, renaults, peugeots, and hairy armpitted women!!!

  • Asri B.
    05/20/2018 15:49

    Mungkin ada pengganti industri cpo ini yg tentunya jauh lebih ramah lingkungkan

  • Françoise M.
    05/19/2018 13:12

    Stop buying all products with palm oil!!!

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