• Reagan R.
    05/16/2018 18:19

    So they invented carbon emission calculation to justify that an agricultural industry is more a carbon contributor than industrial industry having less carbon emission...

  • James S.
    05/16/2018 20:09

    Oh dear.

  • Maria B.
    05/16/2018 22:31

    Shut the palm oil industry down.

  • Seem R.
    05/16/2018 22:37

    Beating,defforestation,pollution, about palm oil is not true,trade war is true.we,malaysia just change the plant,its provide oxygen as well.we do have rspo too..if you want to dicriminate..yes but not palm oil but by country...

  • Anna C.
    05/17/2018 00:11

    Please God...help...thank you

  • As T.
    05/17/2018 08:22

    Arrogant French arseholes.

  • Valerie E.
    05/17/2018 10:31

    How can you discriminate against palm oil? Oh because they didn’t get the job? Ridiculous

  • Jaime D.
    05/17/2018 12:21

    Can’t we just banned palm oil

  • Nik N.
    05/17/2018 12:36


  • Sophie B.
    05/17/2018 13:13

    What more do we need to be convinced that we should all boycott palm oil?? Wake up people!!

  • Lidia V.
    05/17/2018 16:49


  • Chris M.
    05/17/2018 20:30

    It’s ok to blame France but what’s the Indonesian government doing to protect their rainforests.......?

  • Muhammad S.
    05/18/2018 01:47

    Kacang soya lebih bgs dr minyak sawit.. what the......

  • Jerome H.
    05/19/2018 01:14

    Love me some palm oil

  • Grets R.
    05/19/2018 02:04

    Woe unto France and Indonesia. We should all stop buying Palm oil and food products containing it.

  • Françoise M.
    05/19/2018 13:09


  • Françoise M.
    05/19/2018 13:12

    Stop buying all products with palm oil!!!

  • Asri B.
    05/20/2018 15:49

    Mungkin ada pengganti industri cpo ini yg tentunya jauh lebih ramah lingkungkan

  • Franz W.
    05/20/2018 16:23

    not much different than the truth behind the belgian congo, now is it? another smallish country, raped by europe, with little to no regard towards the country and its population. stupid fucking french cocksuckers! fuck you, baguettes, renaults, peugeots, and hairy armpitted women!!!

  • Sampriti D.
    05/20/2018 21:25

    Ah France... Foie gras and pate and everything gross and unnatural is palatable to them so naturally this sadistic industry n it's employment must be too.