The pangolin, the world's most poached animal.

"When the buying stops, the killing can too". Jackie Chan to the rescue of the pangolin, the world's most poached animal. 🙅‍♂️

09/05/2017 9:27 AM


  • Cam T.
    01/24/2018 14:58

    SO sorry FOR THEM humans are COLD BLOOD

  • Parmveer G.
    12/04/2017 04:34

    The bloody Chinese assholes think they own all animals.

  • Bret H.
    12/03/2017 00:56

    Mofos is hella annoying in dota

  • Wan C.
    12/02/2017 04:09

    To Chinese, even panda poop consider medicinal benefits, that why China government imposed stricts rule that to who ever hunt panda will get hunt by the China governments instead 😀😀😀

  • Melissa Y.
    12/01/2017 04:39

    Oh! My God!

  • Daryl B.
    11/30/2017 18:10

    I claim these ppl who demand this beautiful creature are all donuts

  • Sue L.
    11/29/2017 20:50

    Love you Jackie Chan, you are awesome, keep up the good work, we are totally on your side. Am so sick of hearing that every animal has 'medicinal benefits'😡 what a load of crap.

  • Ashwini R.
    11/28/2017 09:11

    Except HUMAN all living beings are useful both while alive & also after death. Hope we humans mk this world more livable & lovable for all the plants & animals. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Scovia A.
    11/28/2017 05:05

    why do these Chinese kill our animals. Their cultures are so weird.

  • Corinna G.
    11/28/2017 04:15

    Have never bought one , never will . I wish 2 billion people felt the same. ,!

  • Soumith G.
    11/28/2017 03:53

    Kaushik Andugulapati

  • Gavin G.
    11/27/2017 19:16

    All the Asia countries animals make sick Shameful human beings

  • Martin O.
    11/27/2017 19:07

    Killian Flannery gotta catch em all 😂😂😈

  • Constantin P.
    11/27/2017 16:57

    Stupid Humanity 😡

  • Jean A.
    11/27/2017 16:50

    Every day there’s something with all of the poor animals. You people make me sick.

  • Brent B.
    11/27/2017 10:52

    Is that Pangolier?

  • Bilge N.
    11/27/2017 10:32

    Thanx Jackie Chan i never knew

  • Liban M.
    11/27/2017 10:04

    What about Dogs in China ? Chinese need to behave like Human not Some kind of Aliens.

  • Tristano B.
    11/27/2017 09:24

    When life has a $ and the $ is needed to avoid starvation and homelessness people will not stop poaching if that $ is needed to feed their families and keep a home. Capitalism is the route of all evils

  • Anouska K.
    11/27/2017 09:21

    Hope the advertising works it’s about time a lot nations learned its time to wake up and change some of their traditions and practices