The reasons for the Global Climate Strike

Millions of young people rallied together around the world as part of the Global Climate Strike. Martial Breton, a member of the movement Youth for Climate France, explains their reasons for joining the protest.

09/23/2019 4:09 PM


  • Rick P.
    09/25/2019 14:14

    Looks like they are making a lot of noise, and in reality, doing fuck all.

  • Ursula R.
    09/25/2019 14:05


  • Maria C.
    09/25/2019 09:51

    Millions of young people buy cheap clothes made in China and India, drive cars, use plastic and have iPhones. Millions of young people are a bunch of hypocrites that think it’s up to somebody else to make changes. And that selfies at a protest will change anything. Millions of young people have no idea that the only way to change anything is to stop buying into it and actually become ethical in their own lifestyle!

  • Brian H.
    09/24/2019 19:59

    Oh look. A bunch of idiots who take the half truths they are told to push political agendas that make people rich but don't actually help anything.

  • Bruce B.
    09/24/2019 18:17

    Some of us are old enough to remember the last 6 times they said the world would end. Obama just bought a mansion...on an island.

  • Annsofi H.
    09/24/2019 12:46

    Dum Dummare Dummast?

  • Nitu I.
    09/24/2019 09:51

    Agenda shit .

  • Dusy A.
    09/24/2019 08:13

    Im 25 and these kids rather go to protest and skip school because its ''cool'' to be caring and sensitive these days cause they are afraid to be seen as selfish, why? cause self presentation to the social media worth more to them. When did most of you middle class people actually plant trees or help clean a hood / down town area to clear plastic waste? When was the last time ANY of you spoke aloud about these thing took the step before Gretta Or this random hippie dude? NONE. SO really, do you really care about the amazons before Dcaprio point it out? Dont act all mighty or how some of you act as if youre allies, youre nothing but hollows who speak wise words that echos nothingness. Gretta was upset about people not caring about this before her, you people who are now ''woke'' didnt escape that, youre also the criminal who took her childhood and dreams. So please. stop acting like you guys are righteous.

  • Pat H.
    09/24/2019 08:03

    As a child I lived through thick fogs caused be open fires (inside the home and out), vehicle fumes, we had poor sanitation and hygiene (by today's standards). We learned how to improve our ways and surroundings, we now live with clean air and better health, our rubbish is generally, disposed of in *greener* ways, but we send outdated equipment , vehicles, ships to other countries for them to dispose of often by burning, it's this trade that needs the publicity not children telling their betters how to live their lives. All climate conditions evolve and revolve over the years.

  • Zach F.
    09/24/2019 07:05

    bunch of lost whiners look at all the synthetic chemicals+textiles with those signs! POLLUTING AND DESTROYING THE PLANET ERADICATE CONVENTIONAL AGRICULTURE ERADICATE SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS+TEXTILES

  • Robert G.
    09/24/2019 04:42

    Human kind prospers during the natural global warming cycle. Global cooling cycle brings famine as agriculture fails. It’s all history

  • Dustin H.
    09/24/2019 03:43

    But did they do, learn or accomplish anything??? Or just miss school... 🤔🌀

  • Scott R.
    09/24/2019 02:48

    We were supposed to all die from the hole in the ozone 40 yrs ago....

  • Riley B.
    09/23/2019 21:42

    Hey brut... when did you become a left socialist? Climate change is propaganda for the agencies and governments to tax the hell out of us while still giving major polluters a break. Whoever is running your administration needs to smarten up.

  • Jonathan Q.
    09/23/2019 19:52

    I wish I could put images on the comment section, they left all their signs on the streets, once they finished with their circus... hypocrites!

  • Caroline B.
    09/23/2019 19:48

    Looking forward to seeing all those kids reduce their carbon footprints by ditching their mobiles, laptops, iPads, iPods and whatever other energy guzzling technology they use and getting out and getting dirty by educating people ON THE STREETS and LITTER PICKING BY THE CANALS, RIVERS AND SEAS. Now THAT would be proactive! Get out and do something yourselves instead of talking, talking, talking, protesting, protesting, protesting. Actions speak louder than words!

  • Matt S.
    09/23/2019 19:32

    lol why'd you delete that little weird girl and her climate control speech??

  • Kurt M.
    09/23/2019 18:19

    Have any of you seen the pictures of the garbage and mess these people leave behind after a protest? Completely hypocritical.

  • Barbi H.
    09/23/2019 18:03

    What are THESE PEOPLE willing to give up in the name of climate change restoration? Are they willing to give up the automobiles they rode in on? Are they willing to give up their air conditioning? Are they willing to give up their smartphones? ... THEY have no idea what it would take to go back to the world they way it was before 'human caused' climate change.

  • Lloyn C.
    09/23/2019 17:18

    Only protest in western countries where as china india and Africa are the largest polluters of the world. Fuck off with that globalist bullshit. Its all a damn lie.