• Robert A.
    11/27/2021 17:15

    let's go reduce their population we have been called upon

  • Manawar A.
    11/21/2021 16:18

    Since it is in high demand, why curtail the farming of these crabs. They should export as much as possible so as not to cause a danger to the ecosystem. Is that a problem?

  • Jürgen H.
    11/20/2021 15:15

    Nicht Ernst zu nehmender Schwachsinn!

  • Kevin W.
    11/20/2021 15:08

    Hey Spain we need your help!

  • Justin Y.
    11/20/2021 11:39

    Quick, someone tell some Chinese dudes it will help them get boners easier. Thus solving the crab overpopulation problem and the boner problem

  • Bob H.
    11/19/2021 22:35

    Worst case of crabs -ive ever heard! ( blue ointment needed here )

  • Cooper P.
    11/19/2021 21:16

    Yummy good eating right there

  • Joy S.
    11/19/2021 14:39


  • Pitawat P.
    11/19/2021 04:15

    they must be delicious with proper cooking and seafood sauces

  • Thomas C.
    11/19/2021 02:54

    I’d like to see one now that size (2m, 15, kg)

  • Robert E.
    11/18/2021 17:55

    Wolffish in Norway too,cod and halibut also eat them

  • Buster P.
    11/18/2021 00:37

    Crab boil should fix it!

  • Leigh A.
    11/17/2021 02:59

    Send in the cajuns

  • Max B.
    11/16/2021 23:56


  • Cecilia H.
    11/16/2021 20:42


  • Louie L.
    11/16/2021 08:51

    Video: Red crabs have no predators Humans: Am I a joke to you?

  • Braedan K.
    11/15/2021 07:36

    All I see… is a whole bunch of cementing paste….

  • Cornelius G.
    11/14/2021 23:58

    No predator but the price is sky high for something thats a problem to systems

  • Jason B.
    11/14/2021 06:34

    The Chinese would wipe them out fast like every area they fish if they didn’t want them.

  • Nick P.
    11/13/2021 21:38

    Let's all gobble them up

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