The Slovenian brown bear population is growing constantly

In Slovenia, bears and humans seem to be coexisting peacefully.

08/09/2018 10:36 AM
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  • Julian G.
    08/09/2018 10:40

    More reasons to love Slovenia

  • Numan R.
    08/09/2018 10:46

    Europeans showing amurica how to live ♥️

  • Paul '.
    08/09/2018 10:47

    60% of the population are in favour of their presence??? Does that mean 40% aren't or are they undecided? Also it's so ironic that as a species we feel it necessary to limit another animals population growth! Hypocrits the lot of us!

  • Anna S.
    08/09/2018 10:51

    we'll have to go back we didn't see any bears

  • Francisco J.
    08/09/2018 10:55

    :O How many bears do you have?

  • Karina V.
    08/09/2018 11:18

    It’s positive except for the culling thumbs up for their conservation efforts doing more than some countries

  • Morgan W.
    08/09/2018 11:21

    I wish we knew this??

  • Vegiskra P.
    08/09/2018 11:32

    So, Peaceful Coexistence IS Possiible! & Protecting the Forest? Surely, also the Polish Government could learn a lot! However the culling is wrong; Especially, when Bears are still endangered species in many places: exporting more Bears then & neutering at some point seems humane.

  • Davor G.
    08/09/2018 11:54

    As a Slovene, I can only say that I am deeply embarrassed! The Slovenian government allowed this year to kill 130 bears and 10 wolves. It would be fun to see that we send the entire government into the forest and leave them there in the forest alone forever!!!

  • Maria C.
    08/09/2018 12:00

    Sounds more like "legal" hunting

  • Charlie R.
    08/09/2018 12:01

    quand est-ce qu'on y va?

  • Gary W.
    08/09/2018 12:21

    you were there with a party bear! 😎❤👍

  • Dennis W.
    08/09/2018 12:26

    . Da müssen wir hin.

  • Anna M.
    08/09/2018 12:46


  • Rajko P.
    08/09/2018 13:18

    Our country and its people destroy the legacy kept under yugoslavian comunists

  • Yousef B.
    08/09/2018 13:25


  • Anton P.
    08/09/2018 13:42

    In Bulgaria people also coexist peacefully with bears and wolves.

  • Răducu B.
    08/09/2018 14:00

    Let's think at the Romanian forests, which protect about 6000 bears. Unfortunately the government wants to kill 2000 of them in the next 10 years.

  • Cătălin M.
    08/09/2018 14:20

    Romania made an offer to relocate bears to any EU country but no one responded. Apparently we have to many bears here. And now the authorities have to shoot some of them. Please save the bears!

  • Jennifer C.
    08/09/2018 15:21

    seen any?