The story of Keiko, the orca from « Free Willy »

It’s one of the most famous orcas in the world. However, its real story is not very well known. This is the true, and moving story of Keiko, the orca from « Free Willy ».

11/03/2019 7:19 AM
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  • Nancy P.
    7 hours

    Very sad

  • Darrell T.
    9 hours

    How old do they normally live.

  • Sandra I.
    9 hours

    It was animal slavery, and human still doing it. So so Sad.

  • Jennifer J.
    10 hours

    such a sad story

  • 法邑花蓮
    11 hours

    Who named her KEIKO ? A Japanese female name? Rest in peace darling.

  • Ghassan A.
    13 hours

    We Humans are the real f up of this planet

  • Haseeb A.
    14 hours

    They basically ruined his life.

  • Nicholas G.
    16 hours

    Great movie but a sad life story for me

  • Charlie B.
    17 hours

    All aquatic life does not belong in these awful places or aquariums. Shows how bloody disgusting humans are as a race, would you be happy to have someone take your kids away from you with no explanation? Would you take your kids to prisons to watch raping and violence for entertainment, this is so fucking wrong how can people not see this? And if anyone says for research purposes that's fucking bollocks!!!! 🤬

  • Ardeshir Z.
    21 hours

    Just made me cry

  • Malika A.
    a day

    So sad😪

  • Power M.
    a day

    Humankind just dose whatever they want 2 the animal kingdom we as a species are selfish and crule. They were hear b4 us and they will b hear after us. We as 1 really need 2 smarten up and stop thinking about ourselves all the time

  • Shelley M.
    a day

    Born in freedom, forced to live in bondage. Rehabilitated and returned to freedom. He crossed an ocean: from Iceland to Norway. He was a healthy weight and seemed fine when he arrived. Yes he sought out humans but he was still free. He had plenty of room to swim and those that knew him claimed he was happy. It’s true he died but as the old freedom fighter saying goes: “Better to die on your feet that to live on your knees “ thank goodness he didn’t die a slave (on his knees) All captive Marine Mammals deserve this chance: even if it is just a sea sanctuary (a netted off bay) much better than a tiny prison.

  • Debbie M.
    a day


  • Ivaan Y.
    a day

    Ik wist niet dat het om een echte orca ging😭😭😭

  • Wandana J.
    a day

    kijk dit

  • Lesley S.
    2 days

    So sad 😢😢😢

  • Paopao W.
    2 days

    i only know free Willy's 1993

  • Sharn K.
    2 days

    The human touch ultimately killed this beautiful animal. 💜

  • Ras R.
    2 days