The story of Keiko, the orca from « Free Willy »

It’s one of the most famous orcas in the world. However, its real story is not very well known. This is the true, and moving story of Keiko, the orca from « Free Willy ».

11/03/2019 7:19 AM


  • Kelly A.
    6 hours

    Animals shouldn't be commodities 😥😢😥

  • Lin W.
    9 hours

    Remember this sad story

  • Rui B.
    10 hours

    Human = virus...

  • Semisi R.
    12 hours

    So the caretakers captivate keiko all those years just to cut friendship with him even when he just stop by. Why took him the first place and interact with him when you can't finish the job! RIP keiko😪

  • Madison T.
    15 hours

    I hate this only time large animals like this should remotely be in captivity is if they were hurt and can’t survive on there own. A large animal like this is not meant to live in a pool. Otters seals even dolphins are allot smaller and do better but orcas and other larger creatures should never even attempt to be in captivity to many already dying in the wild why help it out

  • Janie B.
    15 hours

    I am so sad. Couldn't even watch anymore when I saw what he was put in, in the country I live in!!! LEAVE OUR WILDLIFE, MARINELIFE, ALL OF THE CREATURES ALONE!!!! PLEASE

  • Linda O.
    18 hours


  • Jasmine C.
    19 hours


  • Mona L.
    21 hours

    No animal should live like this ever ! 😡

  • Joanna D.
    a day

    So sad.

  • Zhang Y.
    a day

    Thats why stop bring your children tonsee aquarium,seaworld or anything shouldbe wild. As long demand high, there are people whon will capture them to be sold to seaworld/aquarium. Stop visiting seaworld.

  • Jeaniovanni L.
    a day

    Sad story made me teary.

  • Connie W.
    a day

    So sad

  • Angelo P.
    a day


  • Reba R.
    a day

    Awe this makes me so sad and cry that They would to that to him he was used and abused treated bad he was a very beautiful animal makes me 😭 😞🤣😞😞

  • Ricky W.
    a day

    It's sad to say but at least it was of natural causes and not a selfish person killing it for sport or food

  • Dhillon J.
    a day

    Yup... that sounds about right... use and abuse... that's all majority humans are like. No animal wants to be kept in captivity. Of course when it comes to $$$$ humans can go to the extreme.

  • Claire L.
    a day


  • Cara L.
    2 days


  • Kirsty M.
    2 days


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