The story of Keiko, the orca from « Free Willy »

It’s one of the most famous orcas in the world. However, its real story is not very well known. This is the true, and moving story of Keiko, the orca from « Free Willy ».

11/03/2019 7:19 AM


  • Dang P.
    an hour

    A heartbreaking story😭

  • Syed S.
    2 hours


  • Mafaka H.
    2 hours

    🎼 Michael Jackson - Will you be there 🎼

  • Wade L.
    4 hours


  • Rob B.
    4 hours

    . One of our favourite films, such a sad story 😢

  • Nancy B.
    5 hours

    dit is het echte verhaal 😞

  • Caryn R.
    7 hours

    I saw Keiko at the Oregon Aquarium. It was amazing. So sad what happened.

  • Naila N.
    9 hours

    What rehabilitation? Capturing a baby and then expecting him to adopt after 19 years of captivity and loneliness? Humans are ruthless.

  • Stephanie M.
    11 hours

    So heartbreaking...💔

  • Mandjalia B.
    12 hours

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  • Rick A.
    a day

    What is wrong with these ppl that were caring for him?? Like most animals even some mammals others of his species probably sensed that his health was not good and most likely rejected him socially and would not allow him closer to the pod. Most animals when chosing mates will pick the most healthy of the group. I would guess that's the biggest reason he stayed back from the pods. The others probably made him stay away for that reason. Not to mention he had imprinted on humans and I have never heard of any animals being able to be returned to the wild very successfully after that's happened.

  • Eric J.
    4 days

    I hope Karma finds each and everyone involved in destroying this beautiful creature. 😡 This is such a tragedy.

  • José V.
    4 days

    Poor whale. You deprived her of her freedom as a young man and after exploiting it while working, you leave her free or to die at home. 😔 What a shame. 😔. How disgusting the human race, in general.

  • King L.
    11/23/2020 19:59

    Human beings!!!

  • Lars K.
    11/20/2020 12:58

    Very sad Story

  • Catherine W.
    11/19/2020 23:05

    one for you & Amelie

  • Bella D.
    11/16/2020 02:45

    So sad 😢

  • Eva C.
    11/13/2020 17:57

    Every time that I watch this video makes me cry...It's so blessed that you could to go and visit the Giants of the Oceans "the whales" in totally FREEDOM, there's NO WORDS to explain that unique and magical experience. As a mexican girl I raised always wishing to go and visit Keiko at REINO AVENTURA PARK, I'm from 2800 Km from Mexico City, I never seem Keiko, but I saw two generations of Shamu (Orcas) at Sea World in San Diego, California; a few years later I understood how important it's to avoid this Parks, specially those who had a big Marine Mammals as Whales.

  • Ellen F.
    11/12/2020 20:45

    We failed you beautiful boy. Enough with these aquatic shows and stuffing these giants into pools that equate to a bath tub if their size were compared to ours 😭

  • Deborah G.
    11/12/2020 18:53

    Why are humans just so extremely cruel????

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