The story of Keiko, the orca from « Free Willy »

It’s one of the most famous orcas in the world. However, its real story is not very well known. This is the true, and moving story of Keiko, the orca from « Free Willy ».

11/03/2019 7:19 AM
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  • Jaimee S.
    16 hours

    BRB crying. Won’t even finish this video 😭

  • Rose P.
    18 hours

    I am happy for you keiko

  • Jessy H.
    21 hours

    🐋 freee willy😢

  • Wyne L.
    a day

    I cant stop watching this Ilove His movie too 😘

  • Cathy H.
    a day

    Heart breaking

  • Tania L.
    a day

    Bloody repulsive. Should have left him alone in the first place. Disgusting. All for human or so called human entertainment. Shame on those. Shame. Grotesque

  • Michael H.
    a day

    The producer of this video has his/her information mixed up.

  • Chris L.
    a day

    So sad!

  • Wendal L.
    a day

    Watch the documentary called “Blackfish” it’s pretty good

  • Summer D.
    a day

    So sad, so very sad! Who are humans to take animals from the wild! When you see the journey that was undertaken by Keiko for what money! A whale on a plane!!!!!! It’s shocking! The sooner people leave nature as nature and not to make money from the better this world will be!!!

  • Adrian O.
    a day

    ing ani buhion n2 love ohh plssssss.😔😁

  • Rhonda K.
    2 days

    I so despise sea world's,water worlds and any other bloody thieving cruel organizations ,they are no different to the circus.never been to any ,never will.

  • Lesley J.
    2 days

    Shut these fucking places down. I’ve signed so many petitions. Let be free in the ocean 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Alexis N.
    2 days

    this is what I’m talking about 🤬💔

  • Fran G.
    2 days

    That was very interesting.....I didn’t know everything about him....saw free willie a lot.....just think he started it all, now being blame for killing a trainer.....they should been never caught.....

  • Louise T.
    2 days

    so sad 😞

  • Aziz H.
    2 days

    😂😂🐋🐋🐋 ti ricordi di willy?

  • Matias H.
    2 days

    Vi nogen svin imod dyr

  • Jun E.
    3 days

    People decided that Keiko is better free and dead than healthy and happy in captivity. He grew up surrounded with people, don’t have to hunt to eat. Then he was release in the wild, didn’t the people get a clue when he comes back to be with people that he prefers to be with people? I remember these two seals that was rehabilitated by veterinary specialist. Spent lots of money. Then during the time of release, one was eaten by an orca. Maybe they don’t talk orcas anymore. Maybe the Icelandic orcas don’t like him in their pods. Most of the people in captivity(prison) don’t do good when released into the outside world. They go back to prison.

  • Sam S.
    3 days

    very interesting watch