The story of the Kawésqar

This is the story of an indigenous people that managed to adapt to one of the most inhospitable places in the world. Meet the Kawésqar.

10/22/2018 5:00 PM
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  • Gabriel E.
    10/31/2018 01:45

    Imagine how many marvelous things we would have learnt from them if they'd live... I'm chilean. There's a Channel sometimes shows images of them and the last Kawéskar descendent's poetic rime profecy. She speaks about the human-selfdestruction but the afterward reborn of it. Try to look for it. Maybe makes you cry as ever does everytime I listen to it.

  • Gabriel E.
    10/31/2018 01:32

    Thanking to nice Darwin's Evolution Theory we have lost one of our World's native people. The colonists thought as exact Darwin's way that they were less than beasts and didn't have the right to live. It's a pitty shame in the Universal History. Kawéskars are our extinct ancestors as Onas and Chonos by europian colonists...

  • Kristina P.
    10/31/2018 00:01

    As always...european invasion

  • Jekope B.
    10/30/2018 21:14

    So europeans wiped out another indigenous tribe

  • Marcos M.
    10/29/2018 03:34

    Looy kaayo sila

  • Johnrick R.
    10/29/2018 00:37

    Oh well Europeans; they were good at colonizing..

  • Amutha M.
    10/28/2018 16:32

    What happened to this people?

  • Francis K.
    10/28/2018 16:12

    White always do that

  • Mocha N.
    10/28/2018 10:00

    does anyone look familiar in this video?

  • Swapnil A.
    10/27/2018 10:28

    European will pay for this one day. They were all ancient culture inluding my country india.

  • Nusratullah A.
    10/26/2018 06:59

    humans are great explorer and adapter

  • Joe G.
    10/24/2018 09:13

    Europeans were shitty people.

  • Sarah-Lee B.
    10/23/2018 10:18

    I guess adapted just to get away from certain ppl

  • Bella P.
    10/23/2018 08:53

    Just another example of Europeans taking what they want .

  • James G.
    10/23/2018 05:35

    Who cares

  • Imroj R.
    10/23/2018 04:49

    European colonialists committed the most brutal crimes against humanity..

  • Adrian P.
    10/23/2018 00:15


  • Mike Z.
    10/22/2018 22:04

    I had a feeling right from the beginning it was going to end with what no indigenous tribe could ever survive... "the arrival of europeans". Yep, they all died.

  • Marty L.
    10/22/2018 18:50

    Humans will eventually create their own extinction, one race at a time.

  • Diana M.
    10/22/2018 17:29