• Patrick L.
    09/03/2020 14:25

    Where is this place?

  • Darko I.
    08/23/2020 08:13

    Imaju slobodu druze sto ti ocigledno nerazumes

  • Red E.
    08/20/2020 06:05

    When words come like wiped out, genocide, massacre, extinction also name of Europe comes.

  • Pauline N.
    08/19/2020 19:43

    far out they just got to wreck shit aye

  • Cuthbert J.
    08/19/2020 19:16

    Where there is no outside intervention the natives thrive.

  • Кике С.
    08/19/2020 17:12

    Europeans never conquested that territory, they pass by many times but no colonies. The first successful settlement was made by the Chilean government in 1843 and they were responsible of their extinction, not the Europeans. Sadly late 1800 begging of the 1900 Chileans were killing kaweshkars

  • Stephie G.
    08/19/2020 16:06

    Its so amazing to know about them.

  • Ashar A.
    08/19/2020 14:08

    Mère nature est toujours assez gentille avec ceux qui comprennent et adoptent des mesures de prévention pour profiter et apprendre à vivre dans des conditions extrêmement difficiles. 💞

  • Jomel M.
    08/19/2020 13:32

    so sad that thay're all gone now

  • Matthew D.
    08/19/2020 12:20

    so cool!

  • Kelly L.
    08/19/2020 12:19

    Darwin’s book - voyage of the beagle - describes Tierra del Fuego and how they would cannibalise the old women when they needed food ... an amazing account of the area. He also depicts the South American continent- a good read, his description takes you to the places he visited! X

  • Angie W.
    08/19/2020 12:00

    thought you might find this interesting 🧐

  • Tarun S.
    08/19/2020 11:21

    The indigenous people of Tierra del Fuego were very similar. Unfortunately, they too did not survive colonisation.

  • Ariel F.
    08/19/2020 10:58


  • Phelim M.
    05/20/2020 05:10

    Is there a documentary on them?

  • Salomón S.
    05/16/2020 09:33

    ojo que solidos

  • Suchindram B.
    05/16/2020 04:45

    European brought with them medicine marijuana and disease

  • Nory R.
    05/15/2020 16:04


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