The truth behind "cute" animal videos

"This is actually a very, very stressful situation for the stingray." Here's the ugly truth behind the internet's "cute" animal videos...

06/23/2021 11:58 PM


  • Maria L.
    4 hours

    Madalas mas animal pa talaga yung mga tao kesa sa mga totoong hayop.

  • David M.
    11 hours

    More cruelty. 😡

  • Kitty L.
    20 hours

    My dog has never ever been taught to walk on her back legs and she does it at random times, sometimes she even jumps around on her two back legs. Me and my family do try to prevent it as much as possible due to the joint problems it can cause but it’s not always possible to stop her from doing it. My hamster purposefully presses her back against her water bottle and ‘showers’ ,I can’t find a better way to explain what she does but she does enjoy getting as much of herself and her cage wet as possible, especially when the weather is warm and she is kept in the coolest part of my flat, she even has a fan, and she is kept cold. I have never ever washed her, she started getting herself wet… ‼️My hamster and dog are both very happy and healthy and they do love each other‼️

  • Jay S.
    3 days

    interesting video

  • Maricielo P.
    4 days

    No puede respirar pobrecita esta fuera del agua

  • Caffeinated R.
    4 days

    You look like someone who never got first place in anything.

  • Dizi S.
    5 days

    So cruel

  • Niecie C.
    6 days

    Humans are the worst. Literally. That's it and that's all.

  • Karine F.
    7 days

    People are stupid.

  • Catlynne A.
    7 days

    I have gone off on people who make idiot remarks about animals or do things that make them react like shown in this video. Animals DO NOT think like humans and things we might do like tickling to a human is terrifying to the animal. So many times I hear people say stupid things.

  • Layla L.
    7 days

    Very true thank you for bringing awareness. Never enjoyed looking at dogs wearing kids clothing and being forced to walk on their hind legs in China either

  • Claire W.
    07/24/2021 23:44

    Some humans are just trash garbage, and should be tortured.

  • Carmencita G.
    07/24/2021 04:03

    People are so ignorant ... blows my mind

  • Len V.
    07/24/2021 03:38

    Human is the most stupid ignorant living worst in the planet!!acting hail mighty knowing all kind of things in the world...treating animals like they do act like human disrespecting animal rights to live on its way!!!

  • Carly A.
    07/24/2021 01:48

    show Connor

  • Casey M.
    07/23/2021 22:16

    yo they called you out lmfao

  • Salina K.
    07/23/2021 22:00

    Stupid humans leave wild Life alone let them be they were here before humans

  • Sly K.
    07/23/2021 20:40

    It's ugly

  • Heather R.
    07/23/2021 17:57


  • Rias S.
    07/23/2021 16:45

    That's why you die of Corona humans..... karma serves it well