The Una people, the world's last stonecutters

The Una people have practiced this tradition for the last 10,000 years: meet some of the world's last stonecutter. In partnership with The Explorers.

02/16/2018 11:12 AM


  • Francisco D.
    06/17/2020 13:17

    Bom dia Onésimo, como estão as coisas nesta pandemia que deixam as pessoas distanciadas?

  • Brandon C.
    06/05/2018 20:03

    Those gourd dicks are knapping not cutting dumbasses

  • Cody M.
    06/02/2018 12:53

    Hold up lol, it's not called "stone cutting" it's called Flint knapping. And there are alot of people today who do it as an artistic hobby.

  • Leo D.
    06/02/2018 10:49

    It’s not “Indonesia’s Papua province.” It is West Papua; annexed by Indonesia and ruled as a dictatorship with a slow genocide of the native people.

  • Cindy M.
    06/02/2018 00:09

    Hey, ! 😀 Look what all that knapping can do to a manicure! 😳

  • Joe M.
    05/31/2018 13:36

    Justin Red

  • Gary P.
    05/31/2018 13:18

    Knapping is what they are doing and way more than 20 people are able to do it.

  • Angela N.
    05/28/2018 14:58

    That is so awesome! The way they go through all these steps and spend so many hours proves while these axes,arrow heads etc last so long. Also Im not sure how their penis's are not asleep sticking up in the air like that though...

  • Flavius B.
    05/27/2018 03:52

    Una means " first " in my language so.. they are one of the first people to live there ?

  • Irish R.
    05/25/2018 21:26

    It's so easy a caveman can do it

  • Camela V.
    05/25/2018 00:30

    Notice their bamboo briefs

  • Dimitris K.
    05/24/2018 22:14

    That's a long time to stay in stone age 😂😂

  • Elias M.
    05/24/2018 21:18


  • Kristine A.
    05/24/2018 11:53

    Chao Mitsui

  • Joseph G.
    05/24/2018 05:55

    They soon be gone and there land will be converted into palm oil plantations so we can eat nutella and nachos to mention a few. But prob it happened already.

  • Annie F.
    05/24/2018 04:14

    Very interesting to see however the shaping of hand tools by percussive striking is known as knapping not stone cutting.

  • Sergio R.
    05/24/2018 04:11

    10,000 years? Really?

  • Tine F.
    05/24/2018 03:51

    Free and happy people, beautiful! 💝

  • Selah N.
    05/23/2018 23:40

    Protect this

  • MH T.
    05/23/2018 22:37

    vini me shok

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