There are fewer and fewer silent zones in the US

This is one of the quietest places in the US, and it's one of the few left.🍃

11/04/2018 7:27 AMupdated: 03/11/2019 1:49 PM
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  • CA S.
    11/04/2018 07:28

    I am not far from there, over on van isle 🙂

  • Grace R.
    11/04/2018 07:38

    As always, the Military Complex destroys everything they come in contact with. Go ask the people of Kaua’i. They destroy eco systems and they don’t care. 🤮

  • Bram D.
    11/04/2018 09:16

    Except for that loud as hell waterfall

  • Calum M.
    11/04/2018 11:15


  • Jeanette S.
    11/04/2018 12:38

    Just like the ocean, traffic disturbing all the wildlife.

  • Hwang I.
    11/04/2018 13:40

    the most silent place is cemetery~

  • Sarah H.
    11/04/2018 14:06

    Oh please. I'm calling BS on this one.

  • Kaira H.
    11/04/2018 17:03

    see you tomorrow:)

  • Mark P.
    11/04/2018 17:18

    Bull. Not the quietest place in the US. Ever fart in church?

  • Johnny B.
    11/04/2018 17:41

    Dumb fucking military.

  • Pam B.
    11/04/2018 18:55

    Having to laugh at that Muscle Bound Bull Necked Moron talking about NOT BEING READY!!!!!!!

  • Diane R.
    11/04/2018 19:18

    True or not, noise pollution is a problem anywhere!

  • Carlos B.
    11/04/2018 19:46

    First world stupidity

  • Martha B.
    11/04/2018 19:53

    Will we ever learn?

  • Khristina H.
    11/04/2018 20:35

    I feel like the Gordon fellow looks like a Keebler Elf...and all the trees behind him too 😂😂😍

  • Jeff B.
    11/04/2018 21:48

    Fuck the war fighting money eating machines! Sonar, air decibels, it’s all destructive. But hey- who cares. The bill and laughs on us. Our broken govt will do whatever, whenever it wants and steal our hard earned money along the way. REVOLUTION.EARTH

  • Charles E.
    11/05/2018 00:11

    They're getting ready to chem-trail the life out of people and the preparing for project blue beam

  • Jared B.
    11/06/2018 06:28

    Bro have you not been to Montana or Alaska? There are plenty of places free of human noise pollution

  • Iahtolla Y.
    11/06/2018 07:48

    I live close to Olympic national park...this is the dumbest thing I've heard

  • Hazel C.
    11/06/2018 13:24

    Nature and its last refuges are vital for the survival of nature the foundation of life itself in the interconnective chain that humans belong to also. Greater consideration and regard to this fundamental fact should be given. Nature requires peace and to be free of pollution. Air space flights and operations should be set up and conducted away from these pristine vital places that are a threat to thier very survival. These things need to be respected and adhered to.