These people joined the "fertile disobedience" movement to protect nature

Building societies that respect living things instead of destroying them. That's the idea behind the "fertile disobedience" movement. And it's the life that Jonathan and Caroline have chosen to raise their children. 🌿 Brut Nature visited their cabin.

06/11/2019 10:48 AM
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  • Nabin D.
    06/11/2019 10:57

    Yes this is Inspiring but yet you have to fulfill your mission of protecting forest.

  • Starr N.
    06/11/2019 11:09

    Smh... some people should not be parents.

  • Va N.
    06/11/2019 11:11

    this life😍😍

  • Simona G.
    06/11/2019 11:21

    I guess that there are still clothes and shoes they wear ... that lovely bag she carries her baby in is probabyl biodegradable too or what? I saw tons of pots, bottles, uttilities and such But to put all that aside ... I wonder how this is managable on a scale of 8 billion people ... or maybe just a few million from France who would also build a hut next to theirs? :) Oh boy ... it's so nice to smile and be all cheery while there's six of them there ... :)

  • Conchita L.
    06/11/2019 11:28

    Fertile is fertile. Including the hearts of this couple. They loved mother earth. They sacrifice. God bless this couple Oh LORD.

  • Jesse H.
    06/11/2019 11:28

    It's great. Yes it's awesome but it's only awesome when it's unusual. It's only awesome when it's just them. In a society where their lifestyle is the norm, it's not even noticeable. This is a part of the illusion privilege creates.

  • Pavel Š.
    06/11/2019 11:31

    *baby noise*

  • Paras S.
    06/11/2019 11:32

    This is the kind of life that I want ♥️👻

  • Rae J.
    06/11/2019 11:34

    Do they own that plot of land?or are they squatting?just interested

  • Murid P.
    06/11/2019 11:35

    Ancient green life 💚

  • Jesse H.
    06/11/2019 11:38

    It's basically another episode of lifestyles of the rich and famous. They are only doing it because they can. It's a thrill for them with hipster fantasies of living off the grid. The real score is there are people in Guyana and Brasil fighting to keep their way of life. Some of them dying, being murdered and shot. Nobody is glorifying their lifestyle. Why is that? Everyone wants to rush to them to supply power and vaccines or solar panels but here we are watching these two.....what's wrong with this picture?

  • Kath H.
    06/11/2019 11:42

    Back to nature? Why was the baby been bottle fed?????

  • Ahadu W.
    06/11/2019 11:44

    Beautiful ♡

  • Oliver C.
    06/11/2019 11:45

    Captain Fantastic 👌

  • John Q.
    06/11/2019 11:48

    Whackadoodles. This couple, and the people who think this is laudable.

  • Sara L.
    06/11/2019 11:50

    But how many people can afford to buy there own plot of land

  • Debra G.
    06/11/2019 12:03

    Awsome if you can do it. The Earth is crying from the harm humans ate causing. However this lifestyle looks so easy, it is not. Winter for example would be very hard. Alot of preperation is needed. But yes it can be done

  • Allison L.
    06/11/2019 12:08

    I could have easily done this, in my 20s. Too old for this now...

  • Louise S.
    06/11/2019 12:10


  • Rose A.
    06/11/2019 12:15