Think tomorrow: economic degrowth

"Degrowth is a starting point for envisioning a million possible societies" That's the view of Félicien Bogaerts from Le Biais Vert. Here's how he imagines this new society. #ThinkTomorrow Episode 1.

05/01/2020 10:46 AM


  • John Q.
    05/02/2020 01:52

    Such moronic nonsense from a clueless imbecile.

  • Paula A.
    05/01/2020 19:08

    As much as I understand the risks of environmental problems and the environmental impacts of industrial capitalism, I also understand that human population keeps growing and people need jobs, everyone has bill to pay... So far, I have not seen any alternative that seems to be applicable in the real world. Even if we all go to tribal lifestyle, it does not sustain 7 billion people...

  • Edward B.
    05/01/2020 14:58

    Si seulement.

  • Margareta H.
    05/01/2020 11:49

    the money system is a thing we are so trapped in that most ppl cant even imagine it is possible to live without it

  • Lilian C.
    05/01/2020 11:10

    To fight something promoted by a mass disinformation and propaganda campaign, one needs to disrupt first that thing with suggestive associative hyjacking of the message, not by instinctive dissociative ramming!

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